La Hacienda de San Angel

As I promised yesterday, here’s our review of La Hacienda de San Angel! Much like our trip to Via Napoli a while back, this was our first experience at La Hacienda. I’d eaten a couple times at La Cantina, and we’ve both been to San Angel Inn in the past. We booked a late dinner with the intent of viewing Illuminations from our table.

We started with the Queso Fundido, a combination of melted cheese with poblano peppers, chorizo, served with flour tortillas. I think it would be sufficient to say we could have ordered this as our entrées as well!

The flour tortillas were warm and soft, and the queso wasn’t like the more liquid-y varieties you find at Tex-Mex restaurants. It was exactly as stated – melted cheese. The chorizo was a nice accompaniment. It provided an extra depth of flavor to the cheese.

Flour tortilla

After finishing the queso, we ordered our entrées. Matt ordered the Arrachera, which is flank steak served with spring onions, tamal with rajas, cactus leaves, and beans. All entrées are also served with fresh homemade corn tortillas and rice.

The steak was cooked nicely, and he enjoyed all the components. The black beans that came with the meal we especially stood out to both of us. They were probably the best black beans I’ve ever had, and Matt, not being a big fan of beans, thought they were awesome. They were very creamy with just a bit whole bean. They were slightly sweet and were a big surprise for us. I kept stealing corn tortillas from him and scooping up the beans.

Corn tortillas

The rice, on the other hand, wasn’t really a stand out. It wasn’t very long until he was full.

Being relatively full from the queso and tortillas, I stuck with another appetizer for my meal. I ordered the Chiles Toreados y Chorizitos. This dish was comprised of roasted sweet peppers with lime and sea salt, served with mini “cantimpalito” chorizos (pork sausage).

There were a lot of peppers that were roasted and mild, and hiding beneath them all were the chorizitos. They were salty and were great with the peppers. I ate about a half the chorizitos and a quarter of the peppers before calling it a meal.

We packed up the remainder of the food just as Illuminations was about to start, ordered a couple Dos Equis, and enjoyed the display. The lights dimmed and the music turned up. Now I’ve heard mixed reviews about watching Illuminations from the restaurant. Some people are disappointed because they don’t get a full view of everything. Remember, you’re in a building and don’t have the open air above you as if you were standing outside.

For Epcot veterans like Matt and myself, it was a welcome change from the crowds outside. We still had what we thought was a decent view, and enjoyed being able to sit in air-conditioned comfort while enjoying the music and fireworks (much like watching Wishes! from ‘Ohana, but the show is a lot closer). We had a great experience and look forward to visiting again. Here are examples of our view of Illuminations:


2 responses to “La Hacienda de San Angel

  1. Love it! I haven’t gotten a chance to try this one out yet, and now I can’t wait to do so. The queso fundido looks particularly delish; sometimes it’s the simple things.

  2. I’m going to have to recreate the queso at home – can’t let my tortilla press just sit in the cupboard!