Old Port Royale at Carribean Beach Resort

While visiting with family over the holiday weekend, Matt and I found ourselves at Caribbean Beach Resort for dinner. It’s been some time since I’d stepped foot on the property, so I was looking forward to something new. Since Old Port Royale is cafeteria style, we split up so we could each order what we were in the mood for from separate bays.

Matt decided on Royale Pizza and Pasta Shop while I headed to Montego’s Deli. Matt ordered the Meatball Sub with chips and I opted for the Cuban Sandwich with chips. Matt got his food first and joined me in line while I waited for my sandwich. I tried one of his chips and immediately said, “I think I should have gone with the pasta salad…” While thick and crunchy, they were seasoned with what we guessed was a jerk seasoning, and the cinnamon was VERY prominent. It’s not a flavor I look for in a chip. I want salty and savory. I ended up dipping them in mustard, and Matt dipped his in ketchup.

Unfortunately for Matt, his sub just wasn’t very good. There was provolone cheese underneath the meatballs, yet didn’t seem to melt very much. A fair amount of Parmesan cheese was sprinkled on top. He said the sauce was watery and I gave it a taste. It was not only watery, but rather flat in flavor.

My Cuban sandwich, on the other hand, was surprisingly delicious. There was plenty of melted cheese, and the pork alone had a decent flavor. There was a nice portion of meat, a light spread of mustard, and pickle chips along the length of the sandwich. I added some more mustard and pickles, as I prefer more of those, but otherwise the flavors melded together well without the additional condiments. The bread was rather good too. The exterior had a bit of crunch (you can see parts that went unpressed) and the interior was soft.

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit this food court, I found my experience to be a pleasant one. I wouldn’t be opposed to eating there if I was staying at or visiting guests of the resort. And while Matt’s meatball sub was under par, I’m sure he’d be happy trying one of the sandwiches from the deli.


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