50’s Prime Time Cafe Dinner

Because we weren’t feeling gluttonous enough after lunch at Sci-Fi, we decided to hit up 50’s Prime Time Café for dinner. Well, after a couple drinks at the Tune-In Lounge, of course. 😉  Hey, we had to dry off from the downpour!

Matt and I had both been eying “A Sampling of Mom’s Favorite Recipes” which consists of crispy-fried chicken, fork tender pot roast, and traditional meatloaf with all the fixings.” Because it offers pot roast, and I can’t stand pot roast, only Matt ordered it. The meatloaf is paired with green beans, the chicken with southern greens, pot roast with carrots, celery, and onions, in addition to a side of mashed potatoes with chicken gravy. Matt enjoyed virtually everything on his plate. (I’ll talk a bit more about the chicken, mashed potatoes, and greens with my dish. :)) I tasted the meatloaf and was impressed, but couldn’t bring myself to try the pot roast.

Our friend Shalon ordered the Fish Sandwich: beer-battered haddock on a crusty roll, with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, served with a house salad or french fries. She opted for the French fries and requested the veggies on the side. We were seated just after they kitchen stopped serving lunch, but she had been eyeing the sandwich from a menu during our time at Tune-In. Our “Uncle” Joey checked with the kitchen if they could still serve it and they obliged.

I went for “Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken”, which is served with mashed potatoes, chicken gravy and southern greens. I don’t have much experience with fried chicken. What little I have is from KFC and Publix (have to leave Chick-fil-A out of this battle), so this chicken was the best I’ve had. The skin was crispy and well seasoned, and the meat was tender and juicy. It wasn’t greasy, and they served basically half of a chicken’s worth of the stuff!

The mashed potatoes were interesting. They had a slightly gluey consistency that reminded me of the potatoes served from a school lunch (a result of overmashing a high-starch potato). They still tasted good, and I’m sure that the texture is done on purpose to stir up such memories.

This was my first experience with greens, as well. I really liked them, too. They were like a mix between spinach and seaweed. Matt and I both agreed they could have used more butter and salt. I was also informed by a southerner at our table, Scott, that real greens would have more pork. I’ve only spent 5 years in the southeast between VA and FL, so this Yankee is still learning!

Because we weren’t already stuffed to the rafters (Brian Regan – look it up and hilarity will ensue!), we decided to order dessert. Well, Matt did, and I performed quality control. He ordered the 50’s Boston Cream Parfait: layers of chocolate fudge, vanilla cream, and pound cake topped with whipped cream. It was delicious and not too sweet. I ended up eating more than just a couple bites. We were both so full, but the parfait was too good to leave any behind. Yes, we rolled out of the restaurant.

I also want to take a moment to compliment our waiter, Uncle Joey (So you’re my Uncle Joey. Better get used to these bars, kid.). He was accommodating and performed just enough of the restaurant’s shtick that we had some laughs, but it never was annoying. It was a great experience all around.

If you want to enjoy the food without the experience of being told to get your elbows off the table or be fed your green beans by plane or train, you can always grab a seat at Tune-In and order from the menu, as we have in the past. As I’ve been told with places that have a bit of a performance (such as Whispering Canyon Café), you can always request that you’d like to be a spectator of the shenanigans as opposed to experiencing them. One thing is for certain: the food will be great!


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