Columbia Harbour House’s Lobster Roll

Over the holiday, we spent some time at the Magic Kingdom. It was nearing lunch time, so our party of six decided to grab lunch at Columbia Harbour House. It’s one of Matt’s favorites in MK, and you can read about some of our favorite menu items here.

Matt ordered his Anchor’s Aweigh Sandwich, as he traditionally does with a bag of the Disney branded potato chips on the side. It was as good as it always is.

I decided to try something new, and bravely ordered the Lobster Roll. The menu picture looked acceptable; lightly dressed lobster meat and lettuce. What I received, however, did not.



I reluctantly brought it back to our table and grabbed a fork and scooped up a bite. Quite honestly, it was awful. It was a soupy mess of mayonnaise with bits of red pepper and red onion mixed in. I choked down the one bite and brought it back, requesting a the ability to change the order to something else. The cast member was very polite in handling my request, and even suggested the salmon instead. I declined as I don’t eat cooked salmon, and I ended up getting the fried fish basket after all.

The lobster roll was a disappointment, and while it’s nice that they’ve changed up the menu, it’s not worth it if an item is poorly executed. I wasn’t expecting New-England quality, but I did expect something a bit better. Nix the peppers and onions and scale back the mayonnaise, please. Then perhaps we can talk. 😉

Have you tried the lobster roll? Do you have a favorite menu item at Columbia Harbour House, or do you stick to old favorites?


14 responses to “Columbia Harbour House’s Lobster Roll

  1. Ugh, can’t stand onions!! Yes, that looks a horrid mess. I’m glad you chose not to eat it!

  2. I’m not one to send food back, but this lobster roll was just bad!

  3. What a disappointment! I found out not too long ago about their lobster roll and was actually looking forward to trying it during my next trip… I’ll stick with the fish and chips…

  4. Nicole Cleveland

    Was there any lobster in it?! I didn’t see anything that resembled lobster at all, that looked sick.

  5. The fish and chips are definitely a good choice.

  6. Barely! The bite I had had a little chunk of it.

  7. Oh dear- I’ve never had a loser at Columbia- guess I’d better stick with my Anchors aweigh!

  8. That’s what Matt does! Fortunately Disney made up for it by allowing me to swap it out for something tasty.

  9. I agree with your assessment. I ate a full one once, and found it to be extremely “fluid” to the point of being physically difficult to eat (without massive dripping/mess). We gave it one more shot and found it less gooey, but full of a painful amount of raw red onion.

  10. I understand they’re trying to stretch the lobster by adding the veggies, but the mayonnaise was so watered down on this one, perhaps due to the water in said veggies. I’d seen the Tomorrowland Terrace’s version in real life over the summer and it didn’t look as bad. Still a lot of mayo, but more acceptable. They did a LOT better at Hops & Barley market during Food & Wine!

  11. Yuk! How totally disgusting!! I am glad you sent it back to get something more delicious. What do you typically order from CHH?

  12. I order the Fried Fish Basket, while Matt gets the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich (I can’t stand canned tuna, but Matt likes it). The fried fish has a crispy batter, though the fries can be a little bland. One of our friends enjoys the Fried Shrimp, too. Of course, if you’re not a fan of seafood, you can’t go wrong with the chicken nuggets!

  13. Thanks for saving me $ and perhaps a trip to the restroom. Going to Disney in two weeks and scanning menus. Your time posting & the photos are a great help. Scratch the lobster roll off list.

  14. Glad the menus and posts are coming in handy! I still have many menus to add since I try to update them whenever I snap pictures of them. There are still a lot of resorts I need to get to for research! 😉