Snacks from Japan: Ginbis Seaweed Flavored Biscuits – Dream Animals

Oh Japan, you’ve done it again! The last two sakes we’ve tried have been manufactured here in America. While these biscuits purchased at Mitsukoshi in Japan at Epcot were not made in America, I saw that they were actually produced in China! Still, it’s fun to try new and interesting items, even if I didn’t really come from Japan. It’s bound to happen when grabbing a bunch of fun boxes of items to try! That being said, today we’re trying Ginbis Seaweed Flavored Biscuits – Dream Animals.

The back of the package shows pictures of animals, and their names in English and Japanese.

Between the name of biscuits and the animal shaped, one would anticipate a sweet flavor, but the seaweed flavor lends itself to savory applications.

The use of a couple oils also makes these a bit high in fat.

The packaging continues with the animal theme with pictures of animals as well.

Now to the biscuits! They really run the gamut with variety. Each cracker is toasted golden brown and sprinkled with green seaweed.

Interesting animals include Lynx and Wild Boar.

How did they taste? Matt tried one and said, “Ew.” I ate a few, and there was an initial odd-factor to them. The savory seaweed hit the taste buds, but chewing on the biscuit provided a subtle sweetness, not unlike a Wheat Thin. Of course, they are a flakier product than the cracker. They were slightly oily on the fingers, but overall were decent. I don’t think I’d run out and get a box, but they were an interesting item nonetheless, and proved to be better than I anticipated. Although, I think Matt will stick by his, “Ew.” 😉


3 responses to “Snacks from Japan: Ginbis Seaweed Flavored Biscuits – Dream Animals

  1. My friend had that same experience the other day. A “Japanese” snack made in China. They are cute, and I love how they are labeled by name, lest you mix up a lynx with a common house cat. 😉

  2. One was labeled “RABBIT” but the “T” was hard to make out. I had to do a double take!