Mickey Chocolate Cake Pop

One of the many fun Mickey-shaped snacks is this cute little Mickey Cake Pop ($3.95). They’re not new to the dessert scene, and can be found in many bakeries on property. I picked up this little guy at Goofy’s Candy Co. in Downtown Disney. While they had a few different designs in the case, I had to go with the classic Mickey shorts!

There were two versions available: chocolate and red velvet cake. I opted for the chocolate for my first taste. Cake makes up the head of these pops, while marshmallows make up the ears. They are dipped in chocolate, and for this design, some white chocolate is painting on as glue for the red sanding sugar and yellow candies.

The cake is very dense – almost like a fudgy brownie. The layer of chocolate isn’t too thick, either, so there wasn’t a chocolate overload. At least not too much. 😉

I loved the marshmallow ears (no surprise, there!), and they helped mellow the chocolate along with the bites of cake. Matt took a liking to the cake, so for the last few bites, he enjoyed it while I got the last bite of ear.

This is one of the top snacks I’ve tried from the bakeries so far. It’s not an inexpensive treat, but it’s fun, portable, and somewhat portion controlled, especially if you’re willing to share! 🙂 I’m definitely sold on these, and it’s a Mickey pop that’s a little more forgiving in the heat when walking around in the summer!

Have you had the Mickey Cake Pops yet? Which flavor did you try, or how was it decorated?


2 responses to “Mickey Chocolate Cake Pop

  1. Red velvet cake + Marshmallow = Yummy!!! Mickey-shaped? Even better!
    I MUST try that during my next trip!! 🙂

  2. I know! I look forward to trying the red velvet one.