Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes: Pork Egg Roll & Chicken Fried Rice

In Animal Kingdom’s Asia, to the left of the main entrance of the Yak & Yeti Restaurant, is their quick service option, Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes.

Here, they serve several popular entrees, as well as a few sides and desserts. While I’ve eaten at the table service restaurant on several occasions, I’ve typically passed by this location. I decided to try a couple of their sides as an entree. While I’m a big fan of the vegetable egg rolls served at the nearby stand in the park and the cart in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, I tend to avoid the pork variety (or shrimp & pork combination as sold in the mentioned locations).

I decided to order one of the Pork Egg Rolls ($2.49) to try, as well as the Chicken Fried Rice ($3.99). Along with a soda ($2.59), the meal rang in at under $10.

The egg roll had a nice, golden brown color. It had a bit of crunch to the exterior with a slightly chewy interior to the wrapper.

The ground pork within didn’t seem to have a very distinguishable flavor, other than you could tell it was pork. It did have a textural element that made it different from the vegetable egg rolls I enjoy. I did like this one too, and would definitely order it again. It seemed “fresher” like it was recently fried as opposed to the one in Adventureland that is sitting on a tray in a heater.

Next is the Chicken Fried Rice. If there’s anything to know about Chinese food is that these take-out boxes pack a LOT of food.

The rice is really packed into the container, and despite digging away at it for several bites, it still was full.

The chicken pieces are small and a bit dry, but the flavor of the entire rice dish is about what I expect from a decent local restaurant.  It had bits of carrots and peas throughout. Matt, being a huge fan of Chinese food, thought it was really good. The portion size for the price is also a great value.

Stopping by for a couple sides at Local Food Cafes is a quick, inexpensive way to fill you up. Even their entree prices are quite reasonable. If you’re more concerned with attractions than sitting down at the full service restaurant, it’s a great way to enjoy Yak & Yeti’s food while keeping on schedule.

When you’re in the mood for Yak & Yeti, do you take the time to sit at the restaurant or opt for the quick service next door? Which items are your favorites?


4 responses to “Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes: Pork Egg Roll & Chicken Fried Rice

  1. love the quick service….honey chicken & safari amber are great…

  2. I want to try some of the entrees now, especially the honey chicken!

  3. I’m never in that area of the park during lunch time so I’ll need to change the way I explore the park and try their food… it looks really good.

  4. Animal Kingdom certainly has some hits when it comes it comes to food options, and they’re getting better. Yak & Yeti – both table and counter service – have typically been a favorite of park guests. I’d also highly recommend the Slow-roasted Pulled Beef Sandwich over at Tamu Tamu Refreshments if you can arrange your dining time in the park around lunch!