Yacht Club’s Ale and Compass Lounge

While I’ve visited Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club on several occasions, I had yet to stop by Ale and Compass Lounge, which is located to the left off the lobby of the resort. I was exploring the resort, and decided to stop in for a beer and a peek at the menu. Ale and Compass’ menu pulls from many items that can be found at Crew’s Cup Lounge.

When you grab a seat and order a drink, you are offered a small bowl of spicy snack mix. It certainly is easy to mindless nosh away at this while enjoying a beer and chatting!

As I mentioned earlier, the items on the menu can also be found at Crew’s Cup.

Here are the wines offered in their cocktail book, as this portion of the menu tends to be resort specific.

I ordered the House-cut Truffle Fries with Roasted Shallot Mayonnaise and Shredded Parmesan Cheese. I had tried these at Crew’s Cup before, and was a bit disappointed. This execution turned out slightly better, but I could tell they had been sitting for a while after I ordered them as it took the bartender several minutes to retrieve them after what seemed like a longer than normal wait for fries.

The Roasted Shallot Mayonnaise was still quite good, and helped to make up every so slightly for the quickly cooling fries.

I packed up the remainder to bring home for Matt, and this time around, he really liked the mayonnaise with the fries. Although, I may have referred to it as aioli when I told him what it was… 😉

Whether it’s at Ale and Compass or Crew’s cup, I look forward to trying a couple other items on the menu. Do you ever visit Ale and Compass? Have you tried any of the food there? What did you think?


6 responses to “Yacht Club’s Ale and Compass Lounge

  1. Haven’t been there but fries + cheese + mayo = happy me!!!! It looks good. And looking at the menu, the Chilled Lobster Sliders is something I’d like to try.

  2. Like you, I’ve always opted for the Crew’s Cup when visiting the Yacht Club. Perhaps we’ll try Ale & Compass on our next visit. The braised shellfish dish sounds really good to me, as do the fries.

  3. This looks really cute! Now I’m hungry and I have two hours until lunch time.

    I always love these little tucked away spots to hang out. I wish I had more time to try them all out when I’m actually down there!

  4. I haven’t tried Ale or Crew although my friend did Crew one night several years ago when we were staying at Yacht and I wasn’t feeling up to heading out for a meal. She wasn’t too impressed at the time but maybe it was too late at night? The fries, mussels/clams and crab cake do sound good though so maybe we’ll both try it this time around (if we get to go ).

  5. Ricardo – I’m interested in the sliders too, but I’ve had a lot of unappetizing experiences with Disney and their “lobster salad.”

    Melissa – It’s a nice change of pace and a great place for people watching!

    Estelle – I can imagine it’s a bit difficult trying out these hole-in-the-wall places when on a tight timetable. You really have to pick and choose the best of the best!

    Cherry – When we went to Crew’s Cup (and being fans of Yachtsman Steakhouse), we were very disappointed in the quality. Hopefully your friend’s and our experience was just a fluke, because I know how awesome Yachtsman’s food is!

  6. Sarah – I have to agree, Yachtsman’s is fantastic. Went last year with my other best friend and her hubby (he’s a sous chef at Disney) and since he knew the sous chef at Yachtsman’s we got a few free apps. 🙂 Soooo yummy even without the free stuff.