Disney Dream’s Pirate Night Menu

Pirates Night is a festive evening on board the Disney Cruise Line that boasts an evening featuring a pirate-themed dinner, deck party, and topped off by fireworks. The menu served at dinner is the same in all of the table service restaurants in your rotation, so no matter where you dine, you won’t be missing out (although Dream & Fantasy’s Animator’s Palate gets a bit of a makeover – click the link for our friend Shalon’s photos! You can check out more items that my family shot here.)

Our meal happened to be at Royal Palace on the Dream for our Pirate Night. Matt wanted to enjoy a drink at dinner, but none of the themed cocktails really stood out to him. He instead ordered the ship’s Drink of the Day, the Bahama Mama, which wasn’t the first one of the day that either of us ordered!

I ordered myself the Pirate’s Nest, a combination of Sparkling Sweet Wine, Malibu Rum and Green Apple Pucker. The drink is definitely strong, and there wasn’t much Pucker in the drink apart from an ever-so-slight green tint. It was definitely more on the sweet side.

Bread service came with stadard dinner rolls along with Johnny Cake with a Pigeon Pea Relish.

Bread Selection

The Johnny Cake is is more like corn bread than the traditional flatbread version.

Johnny Cake

I stuck to butter with the bread instead of the relish.

Pigeon Pea Relish

For my appetizer, I ordered Black Beard’s Jumbo Crab Cake with golden raisin-carrot and coconut slaw served with a spicy Calypso dressing.

I didn’t find the dressing very spicy, and didn’t quite care for it with the crab cake.

The crab cake had a nice crust on it, but while it was cooked through, the middle wasn’t as warm as I would have liked by the time it arrived.

There was also more than my preference of filler in the cake, and not really any lumps of crab. It all seemed rather stringy like the stuff from a can. A few bites was enough for me.

Matt’s Pirates Golden “Pot Stickers” were Oriental pork “dumplings” deep fried and served with a tamarind-ginger soy sauce and pickled vegetables. These seemed to fare better than the crab cake, but he also is a fan of items that are pot-sticker-y and fried!

He also ordered the Chilled-to-the-bone Honeydew Melon and Watermelon Soup. I’m not a fan of cold soups at all, but he said this was just okay.

I had the Caribbean-style Conch Chowder made with sherry, sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes, thyme, and garnished with diced potatoes and crispy bacon bits. I didn’t get much conch in the chowder – more potatoes – but the flavor was pretty good. More bacon would have been nice, too. 😉 I did end up finishing the bowl.

For my entree, I had the Treasure of the Seas Grilled Shrimp and Seared Scallops served on strings of pasta and fresh creamy tomato sauce. The creamy tomato sauce wasn’t creamy, nor was there much of it. It appeared as if it had been plated first as none if it touched the undercooked, lukewarm pasta.

The shrimp was overcooked to the point that I struggled to remove it from the shell, and only one of the tiny scallops had any sear to it. I was disappointed in my entree due to execution.

Matt ordered The Dutchmen’s Dijon-Crusted Sirloin of Beef described as a thick cut of beef with oven-roasted sweet potatoes and a black spot tomato with deep red wine glaze. The slice of beef was thick enough for an entree, especially paired with other courses.

He liked that there was some rareness to the beef, although it wasn’t as rare as he would have preferred. The meat had a lot of fat on it, and it wasn’t melt-in-your mouth. There was a lot of trimming to be done. Overall, it was much better executed than my entree and he seemed to find it pretty good despite its flaws.

For dessert, he had the Banana-Chocolate Crepe with mango coulis and coconut. He’s a fan of banana in desserts, such as banana cream pie and Bananas Foster, so I wasn’t surprised when he ordered this No Sugar Added dessert. The dessert was a win in his book, and a positive note to end on to a rather “meh.” meal.

I chose the Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whipped cream. This was the other option for their No Sugar Added desserts.

The cake was light, airy and just sweet enough, which is was I needed to cap off this meal.

The strawberries were lightly sweetened and, when paired with the whipped cream and cake, was almost like and airy strawberry shortcake. The portion was also sized to be a few bites of sweetness to cap off a rather heavy, savory meal.

Overall, we weren’t too crazy about the meal. Service was a bit slow (which was a recurring theme on this particular voyage in the main dining rooms) and food was arriving at a not-quite-optimal temperature. Some items were indeed better than others, and there’s nothing to say others dining at other tables didn’t receive better dishes than the ones we did. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying some of the items I was a bit disappointed in again on my next cruise, but I do like to try new dishes as well.

Here’s a look at the Pirate Night menus, which haven’t seen any changes in quite a while.

What would your ideal meal look like?


6 responses to “Disney Dream’s Pirate Night Menu

  1. I’m not really a huge fan of Pirate Night on the cruise… I’ll be honest. But I do like the mixed drinks and the desserts. That bananas & crepes thing looks delish! I’m not sure if we had that on our dessert menu but yum!

  2. Matt and I skipped the deck party and such. Too busy and loud, and defeats the purpose of a “relaxing” cruise. We stuck to The District! 😉

  3. We’ve been on the Magic twice and have been vastly disappointed with the food both times (with the sole exception of Palos).

  4. I haven’t been on the Magic for around 8 or so years, but I understand what you mean. I found a lot of hits and misses within a single meal, but nothing really stood out significantly. A lot of times it was execution, and on other occasions it was due to service being slow and perhaps the food getting to a less than optimal serving temperature. There were some items that I just couldn’t eat because they were so poor in some way. I didn’t realize it so much my first time on the Dream – they were really spot on. 2nd time? Room for improvement. I can’t really judge the Magic since it’s been so long and I can’t really recall the details! 🙂

  5. Yes, Pirate Night was our least favorite meal on our first cruse so for our second, we scheduled Palo for Pirate Night. No comparison!

  6. I’ll definitely be booking either Palo or Remy for Pirate Night next cruise, or perhaps order room service or hit up Cabanas since I haven’t been there for dinner. They had AMAZING lamb chops during the buffet service when we got on board it last time!!