Lunch at Plaza Restaurant

Plaza Restaurant on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom is tucked off to the side of Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, heading toward Fantasyland. We stopped in for lunch as it had been a couple years since our last visit.


During our last visit we got to see the Mayor, but this time we had a character resident of Main Street livening up the crowd.


One of the dishes Matt was interested in trying was the Meatloaf Meal – Hearty Slices of Home-style Meatload served with Red Skinned Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Whole Kernel Corn.


A thick slice of meatloaf was served on the plate along with some tomato sauce in addition to the gravy.


The grind of the meat made it fairly loose in its consistency.


While most meatloaf I’ve had has used bread crumbs as a binder, this version seemed to use a combination of rice and what appeared to be barley. I wasn’t too crazy about the meatloaf itself as it was a bit bland, but the gravy helped. Matt wasn’t exactly sold on it either. We both agreed it needed more gravy. Meatloaf is such a personal dish, it can never please everyone! Keeping this in mind, I think the version served at 50’s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios is MUCH better.

I didn’t really get the taste of garlic in the mashed potatoes, but there were thick and still had a nice yet simple flavor. I liked the red skin of the potatoes being left in for a bit of texture, and the gravy once again paired well. The portion of corn took up half the plate. Who eats that much corn in one sitting?! I dipped some potatoes in the corn for a couple bites, but we both agreed it needed butter. Lots of butter.


We also ordered the Plaza Club. Instead of getting fries or house-made chips, I opted for the Broccoli Slaw. The sandwich is simple with sliced deli smoked turkey and ham, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and a bit of mayonnaise on thinly sliced, very lightly toasted sourdough bread.


The tomatoes were surprisingly bright and ripe tasting as I’ve found them often bland lately. There was just enough iceberg for crunch, and while Matt prefers an unhealthy amount of mayonnaise, there was just enough here to provide a bit of tang. The height of these triangle-cut sandwiches makes them a bit awkward to ea, with the thickly-stacked filling toward the point wanting to squish out while attempting to bite.


The Broccoli Slaw was an interesting take on the cabbage variety, with a bit milder flavor than cabbage has. There was some nice tartness from the vinegar, and while I couldn’t quite tell how much I liked it, I did find myself tasting it several times throughout the meal. It was almost as if it was missing something and I was trying to discern what that was. Still, it was a nice option to have over fries or chips.


Overall, we left a fair amount of the Meatloaf Meal behind, destroyed the Plaza Club, and put a fair dent into the Broccoli Slaw. I do like this restaurant and will gladly return, although might stick to some old favorites. Then again, I think the Club is fair game for next time!

Here’s a look at the menu; Click for larger:


Do you have a favorite item from Plaza Restaurant? Let us know!


7 responses to “Lunch at Plaza Restaurant

  1. I had the veggie sandwich in May and it was outstanding. The Plaza was a hit for everyone in our party.

  2. i think this is a hidden gem, well—almost! great sandwiches & a GREAT view with the right table!

  3. Tere – I thought that veggie sandwich looked good too! Maybe next time.

    Steven – Agreed. The sandwiches are definitely darn good there!

  4. I’ve never eaten at The Plaza, but it has been on my list to try. Although looking at the menu, they don’t have many gluten free options for me. The chicken sandwich sans bun could be good 🙂

  5. Didn’t had been getting much better with gluten free options over the past few years, and at least training CMs on what GF means. I’m sure it’s difficult with so many restrictions out there, but they are making strides!

  6. I love this place! QS prices for TS service … and the food is great!

  7. Exactly! While the meatloaf, a very partial dish, wasn’t the best to our tastes, it wasn’t bad. Everything else we’ve ever had there has been delicious though!