Snacks from Japan: DyDo Fukkokudo Dragon Ball 350 Soda

While personally I never really got into Dragon Ball, Mitsukoshi in Epcot’s Japan had a beverage on display that caught my eye that wasn’t a canned coffee drink or a bottle of Ramune. DyDo DrinkCo manufactured an orange flavored energy drink and the cans are themed to different characters from the Dragon Ball series.


I picked up a can featuring King Kai for $2.99, and the can shows other available characters.


The beverage features orange juice for its citrus flavor and has added vitamins for a bit of an energy kick.


Upon opening the can, the citrus scent was noticeable, and didn’t carry the chemical smell of what you find in American products. It also didn’t have the neon orange color from dyes.


The taste was much lighter, literally a carbonated orange juice. I imagine this is what Taco Bell was going for when they introduced Mountain Dew A.M., a combination of Mountain Dew and Orange Juice. Except it’s a bit less chemical-laden coming from DyDo.


The soda is definitely reminiscent of a non-alcoholic Mimosa. Three dollars for a can isn’t exactly cheap, but for fans of Dragon Ball or fun and interesting Japanese sodas, I think it’s worth the price to try, and I wouldn’t be opposed to picking up another can down the road. You could certainly try to recreate the drink at home with some soda water and O.J., and tweak the amount of juice and bubbly to your liking.

Have you spotted these fun cans of DyDo Dragon Ball Soda a try? Does it sound like a drink you would be interested in trying? Let us know!


8 responses to “Snacks from Japan: DyDo Fukkokudo Dragon Ball 350 Soda

  1. sounds kind of like Orangina?

  2. Yes – I forgot about that stuff! From what I recall of Orangina, it’s a bit more tart than this soda.

  3. Never heard of… I don’t drink sodas but the design on the can is really very catchy! I would have bought one for my sister… she tries every new soda she can find!

  4. The design jumped out at me as most of the canned beverages have seemed to be primarily coffee drinks.

  5. Hmmm, this may be something I’ll have to try the next time I’m there. I love Orangina and enjoy drinking OJ or pomegranate juice mixed with seltzer.

  6. Looking at the ingredients, there is no caffeine which was nice as well. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for it on your next visit. It appears the company releases the beverage as a special edition, though.

  7. I reviewed a similar product called Power Squash (Dragon Ball Kai themed I believe, though I’m also not a fan of DBZ). Power Squash was clearly a full scale energy drink and was gross! I’m glad this drink was a bit better.

  8. The Power Squash looks like Mountain Dew! Yes, the drink I had was really quite good, also boasting the vitamin “power” that you had in your drink. I don’t care for energy drinks either, though would totally be a sucker to buy it for the can design! 🙂