Lunch at Studio Catering Co.

Studio Catering Co. at Hollywood Studios was never a favorite spot for lunch when visiting the parks growing up. The open air seating is uncomfortable in the climate. Matt never dined here during the visits of his youth, so we stopped by to try a couple of the entrees.


Since the weather was comfortable enough to eat outside, and even opt for something warm, I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. The sandwich is filled with grilled zucchini, roasted mushrooms, roasted red pepper, vine-ripened tomatoes, watercress, provolone and sun-dried tomato pesto on basil-asiago artisan bread. It’s served with your choice of coleslaw, apple slices or French fries. I chose fries for my side.


There was a good amount of toasted crust on the bread, which was not expected based on the menu picture, but it wasn’t burnt and added some needed crunch to the soft vegetables. The entire sandwich was warmed through. Mushroom was the most prominent vegetable in the sandwich. The sandwich had a fair amount of moisture that made it a bit messy, but I’d definitely order this sandwich again. It was very filling thanks to the bread, but the vegetables kept it light. Along with the fries, it was more than enough food. Since Matt ordered coleslaw with his dish, he was right there to help with them!


Speaking of Matt, he ordered an item that’s not on their standard menu: the Sloppy Joe. It’s been around for a couple months now, but I since I am far from a fan, I wasn’t planning on ordering one. Matt, however, decided to give it a try. It’s topped with cheddar cheese and chipotle barbecue sauce. I will comment that the chipotle barbecue sauce, if it’s the same served at other places on property, is darn tasty.


I braved a bite and the standard “Sloppy Joe” flavor hit me right off the bat, and I simply didn’t like it. I did get a bit of the barbecue sauce, but it wasn’t enough to cover the other flavor for me. Matt, on the other hand, thought it was okay. He noted it was really salty. The cheese hadn’t melted, so several pieces crumbled away. But still, overall he liked the sandwich.


The coleslaw looked like it was a little bit drier than the one I had at Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbecue recently, but it still had a good flavor and nice crunch.


Here is a look at the menus:



Is Studio Catering Co. a stop on your Hollywood Studios list? Let us know your top choices from the menu!


2 responses to “Lunch at Studio Catering Co.

  1. I usually only stop there when I need to grab a bottle of water. I’ve eaten there on a couple of occasions though. Like Matt, I thought the food was okay but nothing special.

  2. For the Studios, it’s not the best but its not the worst in terms of counter service food, but the open air seating does hurt its “comfort” score! 🙂