2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: American Adventure Coffee Cart

One Epcot Food & Wine Festival item I’ve contemplated ordering is the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee from the American Adventure Coffee Cart. The coffee drink is served hot or frozen, and is a combination of Joffrey’s coffee, Kahlua, Vanilla and Caramel. Now, here’s the thing with me and coffee: I like the taste, but I don’t drink it. I maybe have it once a year, and if I’m drinking it, I will be drinking it black. And if you see me drinking it, it would be wise to run in the opposite direction.


Sure, I’ve gone to “have a cup of coffee” with friends and hang out back in the college days, and my coffee would be laced with some skim milk and a couple artificial sweeteners. I didn’t mind it. I did mind coffee breath. Oh, how I can’t stand that part, especially when I’m not smelling it on my own breath. Eventually I realized that I could still hang out and instead have a water or soda or anything BUT coffee instead.


So what can I say about the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee? Not much. I can guarantee you I won’t be ordering it hot since it’s still reaching 90 degrees down here. And even ordering it frozen isn’t all that appealing to me due to all the sweet stuff going into it. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m not big on sweets and Matt can’t stand coffee, so we’re not exactly batting a thousand for the other picking up the slack if we order this drink.


So why am I even writing this? Well, I want to have coverage for each kiosk on the blog. If nothing else, this page will be of historical reference for what was served at the 2013 F&W Festival. If I try the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee, I’ll update the page. Promise. 😉 If you’re a sweet coffee lovin’ person and would like to send in your photo and review of the drink, I’d be happy to post and give you credit!


Tanya of EatDrinkDisney has the scoop! Here’s her review on the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee!


First, let me introduce myself – I am Tanya, aka Mrs. EatDrinkDisney.  I am definitely a coffee drinker. I am to be avoided at all costs until I’ve had my coffee. I walk into Starbucks and don’t have to say a word. They know I’ll be having a grande non-fat, no whip mocha, stirred. When I make my coffee at home, I have to set it up the night before so it will be ready when I wake up. Fixing my coffee in the morning is too complicated a task to handle with a non-caffeinated brain.

Now, for the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee…I’m not much of an alcohol drinker but thought I might like this drink because of the coffee angle. I ordered the frozen version. The mere thought of ordering it hot nearly induced a heat stroke. I tried to watch the drink being made but the cast member worked at the back counter and blocked my view. I have no idea if there were true measurements involved or if it was “a little of this, a little of that”. The presentation of the drink is impressive. It’s pretty fancy with its swirl of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. The two tone effect of the liquid is nice to look at but should have been a clue to me to stir it, or at least slosh it around, before taking a drink thru the straw. The first sip tasted very much of alcohol. Lesson learned. Was not a good first impression. After stirring it, I still wasn’t all that impressed. The drink was very sweet, I’m assuming from the caramel and vanilla, with a finishing taste of alcohol. I’m still waiting for the coffee flavor to surface. It’s not something I would order again. I didn’t hate it but I certainly didn’t love it. “Like” might even be too strong a word. I guess you could say I tolerated it for the sake of research 😉
Thank you for taking one for the team, Tanya! It’s much appreciated, and I’m sure your review will guide others in the right direction (perhaps toward Brewer’s Collection for some beer! ;)).

4 responses to “2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: American Adventure Coffee Cart

  1. A bottle of Coke will get your passport stamped here. 🙂

  2. I’ll see if I can bring myself to do it this week or next week. I don’t like sticky sweet flavored coffee drinks. I also am confused by Jamaican coffee in America. And if it’s Jamaican, I want RUM!
    I have no interest in the listed drink but I NEED THE PASSPORT STAMP!
    Disney marketing geniuses!
    *shakes fists*
    I might just get an apple fritter or humongous donut there to take home and pencil it in on the book in protest.

  3. I’d cheat just ask them to stamp my passport, but we’ve even given up on trying to keep up with that lol! On preview day, the CMs kept asking me for my passport to stamp, but Matt was always carrying it and I was like, “Oh darn… He’s got it.” And point to the guy holding down the fort at a high top…

  4. Do as NORMNB8S does and just buy a soda for the stamp! 😉 I agree though – what does this coffee have to do with America?