BoardWalk Bakery’s Buttermilk Biscuit Egg Sandwich

On a crisp, cool morning walking around the BoardWalk Inn, I was starting to get hungry for breakfast. Knowing BoardWalk Bakery was a place I haven’t reviewed for breakfast yet, it was the perfect opportunity to stop in and give it a try.


One thing I like about BoardWalk Bakery is that they offer some “real” breakfast items alongside a decent selections of pastries for those who prefer the start the day with something sweet.


I knew the Bread Bowl would be a bit much for me, so I opted for one of the smaller, but no less filling, Buttermilk Biscuit Egg Sandwiches. I also chose bacon over turkey sausage.


Of course, you can get everything from Danishes, bagel, cinnamon rolls and more if you prefer.


The sandwich and fruit cup arrived in a white box to g0, as the only seating for the bakery are the tables outside. There were plenty available due to the chilly air and rain, but I was able to grab a dry table and chair under an awning.


The egg on this sandwich was different than the thin ones that you might find on breakfast sandwiches elsewhere on property (like the one from Fairfax Fare at Hollywood Studios). This patty was oddly fluffy, thick and, while looking a bit like a sponge, had an almost melt-away texture. The biscuit had a nice flavor, but was very crumbly. It quickly wanted to fall apart as I tried to eat it as a sandwich.


One highlight of the sandwich was the bacon used. It was the thick cut bacon, unlike the thin strips you normally get at breakfast. Two things the sandwich was missing was moisture and salt (despite the bacon). Perhaps if the biscuit was buttered, and a slice of cheese added, it would have helped.


The fruit being served along with the sandwich was pineapple and blueberries. Both were very fresh and a nice change from a more standard fruit salad with assorted melon.


Here’s a look at the lunch and dinner offerings (click for larger). We also have reviews of the Maine Lobster Sandwich and the Salted Caramel Ganache.



While a bit steep at $7.39, and around $10 with a fountain soda, I felt the quality was overall better than say, the aforementioned Fairfax Fare version which rang in at $6.99. I also had what I believe is my first experience with the RFID refills on the soda. I was eligible for 4 full sodas over the span of two hours. I only ended up using my second refill to “top off” my soda before walking around. Considering many places don’t offer refills, it’s not that bad of a deal, even if you share a soda. I’m sure I’ll stop back by for breakfast with Matt in the future, as I’m sure he wouldn’t opposed to ordering something from that pastry case. 🙂

Do you ever stop by BoardWalk Bakery for breakfast pre-Epcot? I know there are a lot of fans of the Jersey Crumb Cake! Let us know what you like to order!


4 responses to “BoardWalk Bakery’s Buttermilk Biscuit Egg Sandwich

  1. That is the spongiest-looking egg I have ever seen. I’m not sure I’d be able to get past the sponge resemblance to actually eat it!

  2. It was really weird but not too bad, especially for someone who’s been burnt out on egg lately. I kept picturing SpongeBob… At least it wasn’t a dried out egg patty!

  3. Yoga mat eggs strike again!

  4. Excellent description!