Katsura Grill’s Green Tea Cheese Cake

Since it had been some time since I’d visited Katsura Grill in Epcot’s Japan pavilion (2012 for the Okonomi Yaki), I decided to stop in for a snack. There had been a Matcha Roll Cake on the menu I was looking forward to trying, but when I arrived, I saw it was no longer on the menu, instead replaced by Green Tea Cheesecake.


Not wanting to leave empty handed, I decided to order the Green Tea Cheese Cake to give it a try. The small sliver rings in at $4.50.


Once I received my slice, I headed outside and grabbed a table. On my walk out of the restaurant, I kept thinking, “I know I’ve had this before…”


I took a bite, and the taste of green tea was almost non-existent. I really had to focus to glean any hint of it. As cheesecake, however, it was enjoyable and not too sweet for me. While thick in texture, it was pretty smooth. Still, I knew I’d had it before. Then it dawned on me: I’ve had it at Teppan Edo, where it’s served with a drizzle of raspberry sauce.


Here are the menus (click for larger):




If you’re looking for something with a prominent green tea flavor, the cheesecake doesn’t have it. But if you’re looking for a rich, slightly sweet dessert and are already grabbing a meal at Katsura Grill, the Green Tea Cheese Cake could satiate that craving. I can’t say I’d go out of my way for a slice, though.

On a side note, as a fan of savory snacks, I’m sad to see the Okonomi Yaki is gone. Then again, it probably didn’t appeal to many of the guests that walked through the doors of the restaurant, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

Let us know if you’ve had the Green Tea Cheese Cake or previous Matcha Roll, and which one you prefer!


7 responses to “Katsura Grill’s Green Tea Cheese Cake

  1. Ugh. Back when they still offered it, we asked the girl at the counter if the okonomi yaki was vegetarian…which it appeared to be…so we ordered it. Turns out, not so much.

  2. I recall Jasmine commenting on the original post regarding it not being vegetarian. I often wonder how often ingredient lists get updated…

  3. oh nooo!!!! I really wanted to try it!!! 😦 Sad.

  4. …by it I meant the okonomi yaki. the cheesecake does not appeal.

  5. I guess it just wasn’t as big of a hit for guests and it got the axe. 😦 You could always try making it at home, then you can personalize it with veggies you enjoy!

  6. Well that’s disappointing; I like a strong green tea flavor. I hear the new Moroccan juice bar has green tea ice cream with a prominent flavor? But no juice. Go figure.

  7. I think the most prominent green tea flavor I’ve tasted on property is in the green tea ice cream from Teppan Edo. I’m always suckered in to green tea flavored items only to really have to hunt for the flavor! I’ll have to take a swing by Morocco and scope out the ice creams. When we visited, the managers were too busy patting themselves on the back and blocking the area that I didn’t get to really look or ask questions. :-/