BoardWalk Bakery’s Roast Beef Sandwich

BoardWalk Bakery is fast becoming a top pick for a quick snack or meal pre- or post a few laps around Epcot. We’ve (more recently) enjoyed breakfast and desserts at the establishment, but it had been some time since I’d ordered one of their sandwiches offered for lunch and dinner. I’ve only tried one sandwich there – the Lobster Roll – and it was by far (and thus far) the best I’ve had on Disney property. (Also check out their Salted Caramel Ganache for a different kind of dessert at WDW!)


I wanted to grab a sandwich to bring home for lunch to split with Matt, and I was going to order the Fresh Mozzarella. Upon seeing it in the display case, however, it looked almost identical to the (delicious) Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich I’ve had at Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club). While many of its elements are different, I decided to hold off on it for another time and order the Roast Beef Sandwich, a variety we surprisingly don’t see too much of here on the blog (especially since it’s one of Matt’s favorites!). Sandwiches are served with their cucumber salad (which is quite good) or potato chips, and I opted for the chips, which was a small bag of Lay’s Original.


A guest before me was asking questions regarding the Fresh Mozzarella’s Herb Aioli (What is it? Can I get it without it? What’s cucumber salad?). Of all these questions, the second one led to an important answer: No. The sandwiches are pre-made and cannot be made without what is listed in their ingredient list. (Note: it also looks like if you get your sandwich heated, it’s done in a microwave.)

Which led to another dilemma. Matt hates horseradish and mustard, and the Roast Beef comes with Provolone, Tomatoes, and Lettuce with Mustard Horseradish on a Kaiser Roll. There was no way I could get the condiment on the side, but I went with it anyway, hoping that it could at least be scraped off or covered with some mayonnaise at home.



Upon opening up the sandwich, it certainly had a healthy amount of roast beef. The tomato slices were large , but I was disappointed by the shredded lettuce. Leaf lettuce would have been a nicer option, which comes on the Smoked Turkey sandwich. There were two pieces of provolone: one between the top bun and lettuce, and one underneath the roast beef. They both were laying in a spread of the Mustard Horseradish, so sort of “melted” into the bun from moisture. And as for the Mustard Horseradish? There was no way of scraping it off or covering it up, and the horseradish flavor was much too prominent for Matt. He couldn’t eat it.


Fortunately, I brought home some other items for him to snack on (plus he got to have the chips). I was able to make two meals out of this sandwich. While I thought it was pretty darn good, roast beef sandwiches in general aren’t necessarily a top choice for me, so I’d probably go with the Smoked Turkey, Fresh Mozzarella, or even revisit the Lobster Roll in the future. But if you’re a fan of Roast Beef and okay with the Mustard Horseradish spread on the sandwich, you’ll likely find this a delicious and filling meal.

Have you tried the Roast Beef Sandwich at BoardWalk Bakery? Do you have a different sandwich you enjoy?


3 responses to “BoardWalk Bakery’s Roast Beef Sandwich

  1. I’ve tried the roast beef sandwich (I LOVE them and usually get them when I find them) and hated it. Like took 2 bites and threw the entire thing out. I’m not a huge horseradish/mayo fan either and I tried to scrape as much as I could off. Sadly though I bought this sandwich at like 7pm so it had been sitting premade probably since the morning. It was a goopy mess and the meat was a horrible quality. I’ll stick to their baked goods or the salads. 😦

  2. The only sandwich I’ve managed to try is the mozzarella. It’s really hard for me to say no to anything remotely caprese.

  3. Jenn – So sorry to hear that! I can imagine it would get goopy sitting. Could you have brought it back to exchange it for a different sandwich? They should consider serving the condiments on the side since not everyone likes them, and that would probably help keep them from turning to mush.

    Melissa – I don’t blame you – That will likely be the next one I try from there since I’m the same way. 😀