Capt. Cook’s Temporary Restaurant Space & Review

A few weeks ago, Mouse on the Mind posted photos of the temporary Capt. Cook’s location at the Polynesian Resort. The space is usually used at a Cast Member cafeteria, but while the resort goes under a major overhaul, guests are invited to use it as a quick service option. Seriously, check out their photos on the details of the space.



Since we knew this was one of the rare opportunities to see a Cast Member area, Matt and I headed over to the resort to visit and grab a quick bite.



Fans of Mickey Waffles and Tonga Toast will be happy to see that they are still available, even if the Dole Whips aren’t.



We arrived for lunch, and since we had some more eating ahead of us, we split the Thai Coconut Meatball Sandwich. Sandwiches, apart from being served with either Asian Slaw, Steamed Vegetables, or Fries, can also come with Polynesian Chips, a fantastic combination of kettle-style potato chips as well as fried wontons. Protip: Go for the chips! 😀






Here’s The Big Kahuna Sandwich:


A cooler houses chilled snacks (the one next to it on the right features bottled beverages in the menu posted a few pictures up).



The Thai Coconut Meatball Sandwich is served on a round bun, making it essentially a fork and knife sandwich in our book. We tried picking it up to eat, but it was way too messy. The Thai spices brought a bit of heat without being overbearing, and the sweetness from the coconut was noticeable.


The sandwich has been on the menu for a little while in the former restaurant location, and I’ve been wanting to try it. I’m glad I did. Matt’s not real big on coconut, but he seemed to like this sandwich enough. I’d order it again, but I picture Matt opting for the Chicken Teriyaki Rice and Vegetables if we weren’t splitting the meal.



And those Polynesian Chips! These are so good. While not noted on the menu, I do believe you can request them as just a side for a few dollars. Or, if you’re looking for something more substantial, go for the Pork Nachos!


We did n0tice that the Adult Grilled Cheese is missing from the menu as well. Hopefully that makes a return once all the changes to the resort are complete. I know many guests are fans! If you’re looking at more tame options, see our review on the 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger (with Asian Slaw) and Pepperoni Flatbread. If you’re a fan of Capt. Cook’s and want a peek at some behind the scenes Disney magic, be sure to stop in on your next visit!


3 responses to “Capt. Cook’s Temporary Restaurant Space & Review

  1. Ha, I like how the menu specifies that kids meals come with a NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage. Guess there are parents trying to sneak extra beers!

  2. I thought most kids prefer Parducci Chardonnay with their PB&J… 😀