Beaches Pool Bar & Grill’s Beef and Brie Bruschetta

Matt and I love hitting up pool bars at WDW. It’s even better when they have built-in food service. Beaches Pool Bar & Grill does an excellent job with this, as noted with the now-defunct Falafel Fritters I ordered on my last visit (although the Falafel Burger remains).



The Beef and Brie Bruschetta caught our eye; a combination of Ciabatta with Braised Beef, Brie, Beefsteak Tomato and Horseradish Cream. Wait, horseradish cream? Matt HATES horseradish! He’s also not a big fan of brie. O_o


Fortunately (for Matt), the horseradish cream was incredibly mild and sparse. The bread was nicely toasted, and the braised beef had flavorful char on it. It reminded me of a gravy-less pot roast; not one of my favorite things, but nicely done nonetheless. Matt and I enjoyed a full slice each, but deconstructed the third, with each having half a slice of bread and he consuming the beef and I consuming the brie. The Beef & Brie Bruschetta is something that will remain on our radar as a dish to order again should we be looking for something light, or a predecessor to a meal.


Here’s a look at the menu and more detailed descriptions:




Beaches Pool Bar & Grill remains a top hangout spot to enjoy the warm weather and grab a drink and some food. If you haven’t been, I recommend taking some time to swing by for some down time on your next visit to WDW.

Have you been to Beaches Pool Bar & Grill? What do you like to order when you’re there?


2 responses to “Beaches Pool Bar & Grill’s Beef and Brie Bruschetta

  1. Oh! Island moonshine & that food looks really good. I just had lunch, thought it was safe to pop in, and now I’m hungry again. THANKS A LOT.

  2. I was going to order the Island Moonshine, but the CM warned me that it’s REALLY sweet so I opted for a beer instead. 🙂