Be Our Guest: The Master’s Cupcake

Matt and I have dined at Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at both lunch and dinner in the past, and we even got a sneak peek of the space before it opened to the public. Before it opened, everyone was abuzz about “The (elusive) Grey Stuff.” I had heard about what it was comprised of, thanks to an overzealous cast member spilling the recipe to a friend during Destination D in 2011. Alas, during our visits, we weren’t special enough to receive the treat. Womp, womp….


This fact never really bothered me, but last year, after our dinner visit, they made the concoction available to all guests in the form of The Master’s Cupcake – Chocolate Sponge Cake topped with Lumiere’s special “Grey Stuff.” I was walking by Be Our Guest one morning the in park, and saw there was virtually no line, so I took advantage of the opportunity to give the cupcake a shot.


If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know sweets are not something I typically go for, as Matt’s more of the expert on such things. But even though I was flying solo this day, I decided it was worth a try. I also love the crunchy pearl sprinkles.


The “Grey Stuff” lends a majority of its flavor to Oreo cookies, and a Google search of the recipe shows puddings and whipped topping involved. The lightness of the mousse-like texture echos that of the whipped topping.


The chocolate sponge cake is incredibly moist and light, with a decent chocolate flavor. The Grey Stuff was a bit on the sweet side for my liking, but paired with the more subtle sweetness of the cake, it balanced out. I think Matt would have been a fan of this cupcake, so we’ll definitely be ordering it for him on the next visit together.


Here are the menus from my visit:




The price tag of $4.19 is a bit high for a relatively small cupcake, but the novelty of this dessert compared to the others seems to warrant it. Considering I prefer lunch over dinner at Be Our Guest, it’s likely we’ll revisit the restaurant sooner rather than later for an updated review on lunch, and hopefully Matt will find The Master’s Cupcake as an enjoyable end to his meal.

Have you ordered The Master’s Cupcake at Be Our Guest? What did you think?


5 responses to “Be Our Guest: The Master’s Cupcake

  1. Oh, interesting! I’ve actually read more tepid reviews than good on this cupcake, but it’s still on my too-try list. I’d be curious to hear what Matt thinks if you try it again.

  2. I think people got too hyped up for some mind-blowing experience, but it’s a cupcake (or cookies & cream flavored whipped topping, prior to this rendition). If you go into it with the mindset of what it actually is, it’s perfectly fine. I think Matt was a bit bummed that he didn’t go to MK with me that day, as he likes cookies & cream flavor. πŸ™‚ I’m interested on what you’ll think of it!

  3. I was really mad when I scored a BoG reservation in the early days of the restaurant and they hadn’t yet invented a Grey Stuff dessert beyond a dollop of the pudding on a plate, which they were only giving out for birthdays, anniversaries or other “celebration dinners.” I even asked for it. Boo. I LOVE cookies and cream stuff β€” it’s my favorite ice cream flavor β€” so I want to get this, though honestly I was super into the idea of just getting it on a plate instead of on a cake.

  4. I did like how the cake balanced out the sweetness of “the grey stuff,” and it also gave a bit of textural contrast since it’s super light. You should have told them that you were indeed celebrating – celebrating the fact you were able to get a reservation! πŸ™‚