Dawa Bar’s African Bloody Mary

Early last week on the Disney Parks Blog, it was announced that some new Bloody Marys would be joining the mix at Dawa Bar in the Harambe section of Animal Kingdom. This, along with a 9am opening time, made both Matt and I happy campers.


The selections are as follows, and they used Comic Sans on the menu, so you KNOW they mean business. The Loaded Bloody Mary Mix is Finest Call brand, and features tomato juice, Worcestershire, horseradish, jalapeno puree, and lemon juice (along with a bunch of other stuff in their ingredient list you probably don’t want to know). On a side note, despite the horseradish, which Matt can’t stand, it’s not overly used in this mix, and he’s been fine with the mix in the past. Each cocktail will set you back $9.50.

Discovery Island Bloody Mary: Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Lime Juice, and Olive Juice, garnished with Parsley and a skewer of Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato, Basil and Stuffed Olive

Dawa Bloody Mary: Our Signature Bloody Mary. Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Worcestershire Sauce, and Horseradish, garnished with Basil Leaf and a skewer of Truffle and Blue Cheese-stuffed Olive and Prosciutto

Asian Bloody Mary: Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Kim Chee-Sriracha Puree, garnished with Asian Slaw (cucumber, carrot, daikon radish, and Tandoori Shrimp)

African Bloody Mary: Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, and Spicy African Berbere Sauce, garnished with Berbere-rubbed Beef Jerky, Celery Stalk, Carrot, and Parsley


While Matt is particularly interested in both the Asian and African Bloody Marys, he didn’t accompany on my trip to Animal Kingdom to check them out. It sounds like that will be remedied quickly, so we’ll have a few more reviews of the other drinks in the future. For my visit, however, I opted for the African Bloody Mary.


It took a couple minutes to prepare as ingredients were located in different areas of the bar, so there was a bit of running around. Hopefully this will become more streamlined, especially if the drinks become popular. I watched the drink being made, and the Spicy African Berbere Sauce was from a nondescript squeeze bottle in one of the coolers under the drink machines. From a spicy heat standpoint, it doesn’t really add too much more than the mix already has, but there is a more developed seasoning base to the drink. I liked the flavor of the jerky as well, but it was a bit on the tough side.


I’d certainly order the African Bloody Mary again, but I’d have them hold the celery, carrot and parsley garnishes. I don’t eat them, and they get a bit in the way. It was a nice change of pace from the regular Bloody Marys served around property, and much better than the one Matt was served during our breakfast at Tusker House. I’m looking forward to trying the others, so we’ll keep you posted on our thoughts on the rest!

Which Bloody Mary do you want to order on your next visit to Dawa Bar?


7 responses to “Dawa Bar’s African Bloody Mary

  1. Not really my thing, but my husband would be all over these. He’s a big Bloody Mary fan. And as he says “What’s a drink without a nosh?”

  2. I like the way he thinks! I like that Kouzzina’s come with cucumber. 🙂

  3. I’d definitely opt for the African Bloody Mary too! I love when there’s meat garnishing a Bloody Mary. Maybe if I were hanging around for awhile, I’d try a Dawa Bloody Mary too, as I am partial to dumping a ton of Worcestershire in them when I make them at home. But, oh no, the Comic Sans…

  4. LOVE Worcestesrhire in my Bloody Marys too! Matt likes to add soy sauce as well. It sounds like there’s a good chance we’ll be trying the remainder this weekend for review! 😀

  5. Between the two of us, Danny and I want to try them all. But you definitely opted for the one that piques my interest most. I love just about any Bloody Mary (as long as no Clamatos were harmed in the process), so I’m looking forward to these. I do hope that they become popular, or at least popular enough to keep around.

  6. Fortunately, the bar did seem to have some interest from the early morning crowd, so hopefully the early hours will stay intact and more people will start hitting it up prior to an early showing of FotLK. I was there on Sunday around 10am, and there were already two older guests looking pretty comfortable (though not with Bloody Marys), another younger couple, and several other guests getting to-go drinks. I think I’ll be hitting it up Saturday, so I’ll have more of an idea on the crowd then too. 🙂

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