The Best and Worst of August

To start this post, I wanted to reach out to a person who tried to contact me via my “Contact” page asking for information on how to get the 2 ounce bags of Mickey Pretzels to use in the gift bags for their wedding. I went to reply, and the email simply disappeared. I ran a search on my inboxes to no avail. So my next best bet would be posting on here. I get questions like this often (or just attempt to order an item outright), so I’ve added some information to my Contact page regarding ordering. For the reader who contacted me, your best bet would be to call Merchandise Guest Services at (407) 363-6200 877-560-6477, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm, or by email I hope this helps! 🙂 (Thanks, Vickie for catching the number I posted didn’t work!)

So, with that taken care of, let’s move on to the best and worst eats we’ve had here on the blog in August!

Now I’m trying to limit the Best list to three, and that’s definitely going to be tough. We’ve enjoyed some really great food this month! But my thought is this: Where would I most want to spend my money again if I could only choose three? Some items were very good, but where will you get the most bang for your buck?


tokyo-dining-bento-box-lunch-specialBento Box at Tokyo Dining

Lunch at Tokyo Dining – Everyone in my family enjoyed their lunch here, and when ordering off the Lunch Specials menu, it’s a deal that’s tough to beat! While I wasn’t crazy about the Tuna Tartare Salad in my Bento Box, it was a far cry from the worst thing I’ve had in August!

kona-cafe-macadamia-pineapple-pancakesMacadamia-Pineapple Pancakes at Kona Cafe

Breakfast at Kona Cafe: Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes – While I did find taking a bite of pancakes with a macadamia crunch a bit texturally odd, these otherwise fluffy pancakes are a fan favorite, and for good reason! They’re a flavor combination that fits well with the theme of the Polynesian. Be sure to bring your appetite!

pizzafari-breakfast-croissant-breakfast-potatoesBreakfast Croissant at Pizzafari

Pizzafari’s Breakfast Croissant – Yes, a counter service restaurant in Animal Kingdom that I avoid like the plague at lunch and dinner made the list for breakfast! This sandwich is a newcomer to the recently revamp breakfast menu at Pizzafari, and they hit the nail on the head! Toasted Multigrain Croissant, Egg Whites, Spinach, Provolone, and Vegetable Chutney served with Breakfast Potatoes. I don’t see anything wrong with those words! This sandwich is a great start to your day, and a good reason to hit up the park for breakfast.

Now for the Worst list, I’m limiting myself to one. While some foods were just okay, and maybe I wouldn’t order them again, you have to be pretty bad to make this list.


pepper-market-caesar-salad-extra-dressingCaesar Salad with Chicken at Pepper Market

Lunch at Pepper Market – I’m sorry you even had to see that picture. Even the actual dining experience was very poor. And while my burger wasn’t good at all, at least it didn’t look as bad as THAT monstrosity of a “salad.” Poor Matt. Well, poor trash can.

Hopefully these help guide you in the right direction when making your dining plans at Walt Disney World! As I said, we ate so many delicious items this month!

Is there a review from August that you think should have made the cut? Have you tried something recently that should be on our September radar?


4 responses to “The Best and Worst of August

  1. TheHappyHaunt

    That breakfast croissant looks so delicious and it is great to see an actual filling breakfast you can find in the parks. Don’t get me wrong, pastries are great but I like to start my day with something a little heartier. This looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!

    If I were to pick one more post that would make the cut for best and worst, it would be the waffle fries from Golden Oak. I can’t wait to try every variety!

  2. I can’t handle the sugar in the morning, so pastries and the like are out for me. There have been some improvements in the parks for heartier fare, but they’re, for the most part, uninspired. The Breakfast Croissant at Pizzafari was something more along the lines of something from table service breakfast menus.

    When I was compiling my list, the Brown Gravy and Cheese Waffle Fries were on the “Worst” side, but that’s when I got to thinking, “You know, they really weren’t that terrible to warrant a spot there, but they certainly weren’t a “Best.” More of a “Meh” category, which I wasn’t going to include. Matt still wants to try them, so I do see a variety or two making their way into a new review! 🙂

  3. I think those pancakes are way better than Tonga Toast! I don’t know why it gets all the credit.

    That salad… How could you seriously serve that to someone? What an obscene amount of dressing.That is ridiculous.

  4. Now I didn’t mention int the recap – but it is in the original article – Matt did ask for extra dressing, but it is indeed obscene! Like the CM was having a bad day and thought, “THIS will teach home to ask for extra dressing!” 🙂