Walt Disney World’s Maleficent Krispy Treat

So these Maleficent Krispy Treats aren’t new; they first appeared around the time the namesake movie debuted alongside cake pops and candy apples. I’ve review a few different versions of these treats with varying degrees of success; the best thus far being one straight-from-the-case covered in Reese’s Pieces, a perfectly acceptable prepackaged Peanut Butter one, and a downright disappointing prepackaged Nemo treat. With Halloween and the fall season upon us (yay! 🙂 ), I decided this would help get me in the spirit while the temps are still in the mid 90s around here.


While this treat is technically prepackaged, it’s not the factory sealed variety, leaving it to be fairly “park fresh.” I could have waited in line to order one from the display at the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom (you can find them at many places that sell Krispy Treats, Cake Pops, Candy Apples, etc. on property), but it would have ended up in a paper bag to bring home anyway. At least this way you can see the ingredients, but honestly, you might not want to look.


The green “white chocolate” layer isn’t too thick and is spread across the entire treat. The milk chocolate layer coating the horns is a bit thicker. White icing holds the purple sugar in place. This treat had a lot of sweetness going on, but I didn’t find it cloying. I still had to eat it over a couple days, and it was as “fresh” on the third day as the first, retaining its soft yet crunchy, snappy texture. I’d say this is a good way to go to bring a treat or two home from vacation without buying one that’s been packaged in a factory.


You might want to avert your eyes:


While I did like this Maleficent Krispy Treat, I do like having a touch of a savory aspect involved, which is why I like the treat with Reese’s Pieces and the Peanut Butter Mickey. It’s really a matter of personal taste. If you like just the chocolate coated versions and want a fun, different design to go with it (that’s my downfall!), this is a perfect choice. I can definitely see myself ordering just-chocolate versions in fun designs in the future. It will just last a little longer at home. 😉

Have you tried the Maleficent Krispy Treat? Do you have a favorite character you like to order, or one you’d like to see?


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