Big River Grille & Brewing Works’ 2014 Oktoberfest Tapping Party

Put  down your Pumpkin Spiced Everything and raise your glasses! It’s time for Big River Grille & Brewing Works’ Oktoberfest Tapping Party! The party will be held Friday, September 19th from 5:30pm-8:30pm at the Big River located at the BoardWalk Inn.


There will be $2 bratwurst sandwiches and hot pretzels, as well as $3 Oktoberfest Bier in the Bier Garden. There will be music and a giveaway with proceeds benefiting Give Kids the World.

While I’m not sure this is still the case (as it was when I attempted to go a few years ago), the food, beverages, and raffle tickets in the Bier Garden, which is set up outside on the boardwalk, are cash only. Hopefully they’ve enhanced their technology over the years. Also, get there early, as the limited seating fills up quickly, and people like to save WAY more seats than the number of people in their group that is present. They also don’t like to share… We’ll just grab a glass inside the restaurant sometime. 🙂


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