2014 Food & Wine: Terra


While we tried out the Chili Colorado with House-made Chips and Cashew Cheese the year Terra was introduced, we skipped the food offerings in 2013, opting for the Watermelon Juice instead. Neither of us were fans in 2012 of the chili, and we weren’t willing to give it another chance. This year, Terra introduced a Blackened Chick’n Breast and CraB’less CraB Cake.


While I do occasionally eat faux meat (on purpose, even), it’s not a top pick for my diet. If I’m going to pass on meat, I’d prefer a flavorful vegetarian or vegan option, and I really hope that’s the direction Terra moves someday. But now, that’s not the case, and with new items on the menu, it was time I give the kiosk another try.

First up, we have the Blackened Chick’n Breast with Farro Wheat and Spicy Gumbo Sauce featuring Gardein Chick’n Breast. The gumbo sauce did have a little kick to it, and the farro was cooked well.


This would have been just as successful using actual chicken. With the addition of some more vegetables, it could have stood on its own.


I’ve had Gardein’s chick’n in the past, and I’m not a big fan. Preparation is definitely important, as it, just like real chicken, can get tough and be very bland. Terra did well in this aspect with the dish, with the chick’n retaining moisture and seriously almost tasting like what it’s mimicking.


The CraB’less CraB Cake with pepper slaw and Cajun Remoulade featuring Gardein was a surprising win for me. Fans of “real” crabcakes will like be appalled by this dish, but if you accept the dish for what it is, it’s quite good.


Yes, the “filler” is prominent, but the veggies provide a nice crunch for a textural element. The remoulade had a nice heat level, and the slaw was crisp.



I truly enjoyed both of these dishes and would happily order either of them again, though my vote would go to the CraB’less CraB Cake if I could only choose one. It’s also a recipe in this year’s Food & Wine cookbook, so it may be a recipe I test at home for review. I’m glad I didn’t decide to skip Terra this year. I’m sure I’ll be ordering the CraB’less CraB Cake again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I go for the Blackened Chick’n Breast as well. Matt wasn’t with me when I tried the two dishes, but I think he might too be pleasantly surprised this year. That’s saying a lot for the kiosk he refers to as “Terra-ble.”

We’ll keep you posted on updated reviews from Terra as the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival continues. What have you tried from the kiosk, and what did you think? What are you looking forward to trying?


10 responses to “2014 Food & Wine: Terra

  1. Curious what’s in the gumbo sauce. Looks good.

  2. While I don’t have a recipe for it, it’s likely a mix of flour, vegetable stock, tomato paste, hot sauce, seasonings and veggies. 🙂

  3. I keep on walking by Terra but can’t make myself stop there… I have eaten faux meats in the past but they are really not my thing… I’ll probably try their drinks and get my passport stamped 😉

  4. If they hadn’t been new items, I would have walked by too! 🙂

  5. I tried Terra the first year it came out and while it was ok, I agree that it would have been better to do a real veggie/vegan dish without relying on fake meats. After the first bite I started tasting the tofu and while I like tofu (made the right way), when it’s processed to resemble something else, it’s gross. But I understand why they do this and like you I hope they will do a real meatless dish without the faking someday.

  6. I’m just glad the faux meat this year wasn’t texturally off-putting or odd tasting. I hope they are able to keep that consistency throughout the festival in case I stop by to try the items again, but it’s one of the biggest issues the Festival seems to have every year.

  7. I’m glad that Terra exists and seems to be popular, but I really hope the marketplace outlives its current Gardein sponsorship. A vegetarian gumbo with farro would be infinitely more appealing to me than one with fake chicken.

    I guess I can live with the faux crab cake. I have pretty low expectations for breaded and fried foods anyway, and I appreciate that the spirit of this dish is a better implementation of the Festival’s intended “street food” vibe than many of the other offerings.

  8. I’ve skipped it since the first dish I had was thrown out, but I agree, and I know many others do to. In terms of the street food vibe, the crab cake definitely has that. It’s simple enough to eat and walk with just a fork. It’s just a matter of time before people start bringing beach blankets to plop down in the walkways like a food truck rally! And even though they’ve added a lot more tables over the years, they still need more, especially with so many “fork and knife” options.

  9. I personally loved the crab cake. I guess I’m a Gardein fan. Have had many Gardein products and for the most part I like them. This dish was really well done and the slaw was amazing! Going back in a few weeks and the Blackened chicken will be on the top of my list.

  10. This year’s cookbook has the recipe for the crab cake. I’m interested in testing it out at home – they use the Gardein chicken in it.