2014 Food & Wine: Ireland

I’ve seen lines stretching all the way to Canada for Ireland’s kiosk at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. This place can get just plain insane. If you’re set on ordering from Ireland, I typically recommend getting there early.


The Kerrygold Cheese Selection has gone up in price by 25 cents, but the Lobster and Seafood Fisherman’s Pie and Warm Chocolate Pudding remain unchanged. The Warm Chocolate Pudding now features Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur Custard as opposed to Bailey’s.


The Kerrygold Cheese Selection wasn’t a top pick for us last year. The bread had excessive flour, and the cheeses were all very similar to us. The chutney had a sour note I didn’t care for. I think one of the best things it has going for it is being a vegetarian dish that’s not a dessert. It wasn’t something we felt the need to revisit this year.


Matt ordered the Warm Chocolate Pudding last year. If you are after a dessert and happen to be at the Ireland kiosk, this will fit the bill. I will note, however,  that there are much better – and larger – desserts for the price point than this barely 2 bite dish.


I haven’t ordered the Lobster and Seafood Fisherman’s Pie since it was changed from the Lobster and Scallop Fisherman’s Pie, which happened in 2012. While guests still very much enjoy it, swapping the word “scallop” to “seafood” opens up the door to adding creatures I may prefer to not eat (perhaps a fish that I find overpowering). The cookbook still lists the recipe it as Lobster and Scallop, and I made the dish at home several years back. I can always do that again should I have the craving for the dish. I’ll also note that it doesn’t help that every day I’ve been to the Festival has been extremely hot.


We’ll keep you posted on updated reviews from Ireland as the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival continues. What have you tried from the kiosk, and what did you think? What are you looking forward to trying?


3 responses to “2014 Food & Wine: Ireland

  1. My best friend loves the seafood pie but the last time we went the seafood part was rather sparse. Is the Kerrygold irish cream less boozy than the Bailey’s? I always had to ask for no sauce because it was too strong (tried once with the sauce). My friend also likes the cheese and I usually enjoy the chutney but we only get it now if they have a new type of Kerrygold that we haven’t tried yet since I figured out she likes the dubliner cheddar and can get it at her local Publix or even BJ’s.

  2. I had the Lobster and Seafood Fisherman’s Pie and went back for a second! I would gladly eat it again! The Chocolate Pudding was interesting though. We got it during our first day there and loved it. A few days later we went back to revisit and it wasn’t so great anymore… The texture did change… so I’m thinking it sat there for too long maybe?

  3. Cherry – I’ve never had the Kerrygold Irish Cream so I can’t compare. My guess that even if they cook out the alcohol, the “boozy” notes will remain.

    Ricardo – It’s a possibility. Sometimes they prep too much in advance, so it might sit a bit longer than is optimal.