Lunch at Good’s Food to Go

Over the weekend, since Florida is starting to have that “sweet spot” of weather for which I moved here, I made my way to the Old Key West resort to explore a bit. It was a much more low key day than Epcot, based on pictures that I saw!


In need of a quick lunch, I made my way to Good’s to Go. Unfortunately, they don’t start serving hot lunch  items until 11:30, so I had 30 minutes to kill before I could place my order. When the time arrived, I ordered the Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pita.


The chicken is kept in a hot bar on the counter, alongside the pork for the Key West Barbecue Pork Pita. The chicken is topped with a white sauce, which, for the life of me, I cannot recall its flavor. I believe it was some sort of crema, but I think it became somewhat absorbed into the meat shortly after I took the photos. A salsa of pineapple, diced red pepper, and minced red onion finished the dish.


As soon as I took my first bite, I could only think of one this: Soft. Virtually every texture melded into one soft mass. Crunch from small dice of red pepper and minced red onion is lost. The pineapple is soft. The pita was fresh, and hence soft. The chicken is tender to the point of turning to mush when chewed. The flavor of the meat was okay, but very one note of allspice or cinnamon, and absolutely no heat. I ended up eating the chicken and salsa with a fork and picking at the pita after.


The Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pita is pricey for what it is and the amount of food, as it does not come with any sides (but dishes that came with fries were around $2 more). The Key West Barbecue Pork Pita looked very similar, but with a squirt of barbecue sauce and slaw on top. I don’t think the chicken pita is worth seeking out, but I’d likely opt for this over a burger or nuggets as a “lighter” dish, which is especially nice for poolside dining.

For those with dietary sensitivities/restrictions, beware of cross contamination when the Cast Member assembles your dish. Mine had some slaw on it, and while it tasted fine, this could be an issue for some.


old-key-west-goods-food-to-go-menu-102514Click for larger

Good’s Food to Go is the only quick service location for food in the area of the main pool (the second pool has Turtle Shack Snack Bar). As you can see in the photo at the top of the post, there’s not a lot of room, and the line gets long (be prepared to stand in the sun). Once you order, there’s a pick-up window to the right, which gets cramped with other guests waiting for their orders, filling sodas, and gathering condiments. Seating fills up quickly as well, which consists of picnic tables shaded by umbrellas. The restaurant is definitely not a destination, but it serves its purpose for guests staying at the resort.

What have your experiences been at Good’s Food to Go?


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