Breakfast at Superstar Catering Food Truck at All-Star Music

Last week, Melissa Sue from Mouse on the Mind had a post reviewing the Superstar Catering food truck’s breakfast being served at All-Star Music. Because the resort’s food court is undergoing refurbishment, the truck is serving breakfast daily from 7-11am before making its way back to Downtown Disney (see our review of their regular menu here!).


Upon reading her review, I was excited to give their breakfast a try. I headed to the resort Sunday morning, and when security guard asked where I was headed, I mentioned the food truck. One of the two security guards at the gate had no idea there was a food truck serving, but fortunately the other did.


Much like when its serving lunch or dinner, the menu is limited. At breakfast, you will find a simple Egg, Bacon and Cheese Croissant, Mini Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, a Kielbasa and Sausage Gravy Sandwich, and Donut Holes.


Bottled beverages are available, as well as Oikos yogurt. You can see the serving of donut holes here as well.


Because it was something that was a bit different than the standard Disney breakfast fare, I went for the Kielbasa and Sausage Gravy Sandwich. For $7, the sandwich is actually two, featuring two buttery biscuits, caramelized onions, split links of kielbasa, and sausage gravy.


Those with lighter appetites could easily split this dish and feed two people, but hungrier guests will find this dish to be filling. Just be sure to grab a fork and knife, as this “sandwich” isn’t really meant to be picked up!


Everything about this breakfast was impressive, especially working in the confines of the truck. The biscuits were fresh and had a nice crumb to them. The onions added a nice sweetness to complement the salt of the kielbasa and gravy. There wasn’t a lot of sausage in the gravy for some textural change, but the kielbasa did have a good snap to it.


Since it was a nice, cool morning out, I was able to linger at a nearby table to leisurely enjoy my breakfast. The menu is simple, but the options are hearty and reasonably priced for the amount of food, especially so with the Kielbasa and Sausage Gravy Sandwich. There was no line when I visited, so ordering was quick, but food was served with almost equal speed. If you’re staying at the All-Stars, especially Music, I would recommend stopping by to start your day.

Have you tried breakfast from the Superstar Catering food truck? What did you order and what were your thoughts?


2 responses to “Breakfast at Superstar Catering Food Truck at All-Star Music

  1. I was able to try their breakfast last year during one of their marathon events at Disney. I’m back again this year but was disappointed to find that they weren’t at any of the marathon events this year. Would they still be serving breakfast at the all star resort? The wdw website only lists their lunch and dinner times at downtown disney

  2. Bruce – Now that the food court is no longer under refurbishment, they are no longer servings breakfast from the truck, as far as I know.