A Look at the 2014 Contemporary Resort’s Frozen Gingerbread Ice Castle

Last week we posted about the annual holiday displays going up around WDW, and I always love visiting the resorts to see (and smell!) them. I did a quick monorail tour over the weekend, and my first stop was the Contemporary to see the Frozen Gingerbread Ice Castle. Be sure to click for larger photos so you can look for “Hidden Olafs!” There are 14 total, I believe, but not all of them can be seen from the angles in the pictures. The chefs were still adding some finishing touches to the piece, so you might spot some missing shingles.



This year’s design pays homage to Mary Blair, the artist and designer known especially for “it’s a small world,” as well as the mural behind this display. Now, are we going to get a refurb of the attraction to add animatronics of these characters?

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-ingredientsDisplay ingredients

I arrived at the hotel fairly early, and cast members were setting up.


After a monorail tour, the treats were ready to be sold.


Here’s a look at the available treats.

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-2Chocolate Peppermint Cookie, Linzer Cookie, Oreo Pops

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-3Chocolate Bars, S’more, White Chocolate Silhouettes,
Krispy Treats, Ice Castle and Elsa Cookies

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-7Gingerbread Shingles, Rum Cake, Do You Want To Build a Snowman Kit

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-6Do You Want To Build a Snowman Kit

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-5Gingerbread Boys (including a Gluten-Free version) and No Sugar Added Tea Cookies, Sven’s Antler Bark

2014-contemporary-frozen-gingerbread-ice-castle-snacks-4Brownie Pop, Mickey Butter Cookie, Snowflake Spice Cookie,
Snowflake Ornament

Will you be visiting the Contemporary to see the Gingerbread Ice Castle Display this year?


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