A Quick Breakfast at The Wave

One of my favorite breakfast stops is The Wave at the Contemporary Resort. While it’s often relatively easy to dine here without a reservation, I usually get one just in case. With Matt off playing golf, I booked myself a very early time, and I’m glad I did, as nobody was parking at the hotel without a reservation that day.



I’ve enjoyed breakfast here many times, and my last visit – at least that I covered here on the blog – was in April 2013, when I ordered their breakfast buffet. I also have some breakfast menu updates for you as the last ones I have are from 2012 (!).

To start of my day, I ordered the Pomegranate Splash. The cocktail features Skyy Citrus Vodka, Stirrings Pomegranate Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, and Soda Water. I really enjoy this drink because it kind of tastes like SweeTarts. For those who like something on the citrusy-side, I recommend the Bay Lake Sunrise.

the-wave-pomegranate-splashPomegranate Splash

the-wave-bay-lake-sunriseBay Lake Sunrise – 4 Orange Vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur, and Sweet and Sour with a splash of Sprite

Since it was a bit chilly out that morning, I ordered a bowl of the Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Grits. They are served piping hot and are topped with Nueske’s Smoked Bacon. This is sort of my standby when it comes to The Wave, but I’ve not been disappointed. I had been craving these since I ordered the Cheesy Grits ones from Contempo Cafe.


The grits themselves were nice and thick, and the cheese gets melty when it is stirred in, adding a touch of salt and flavor. The smokiness of the bacon adds a bit of depth to this simple dish. At $4.99 for a bowl, it’s enough to leave on satiated and ready for the day, but not so full you don’t want to try more things while at Disney.


For those ordering the buffet, Grits with Cheese and Bacon are served there as well, but they are of a different quality. They are still good, but the cheese and bacon are already mixed in, and texturally and flavor-wise aren’t quite the same. If you’ve never had grits and aren’t ready for a full bowl, this is a good way to try them.


The menus:





Once again, I had a simple yet very enjoyable breakfast at The Wave. Dining solo in a slow restaurant, I felt the pace went nicely. My server was just attentive enough (as this particular sever is on my past experiences), and I was left to enjoy my meal. I’m sure you know that I’ll be back!

Have you every had breakfast at The Wave? Do you prefer the buffet or a la carte menu?


4 responses to “A Quick Breakfast at The Wave

  1. As a good southern boy, I love grits and it looks like The Wave does them right for the menu version. If I ever stay at Bay Lake Tower with DVC, I think a breakfast ADR at The Wave will be in order.

  2. Also – breakfast cocktails! 🙂

  3. Sweet potato pancakes are definitely on my list. Someday!

  4. I overheard another guest asking if they were “shredded potato” or latke style. That had never even crossed my mind!