Superstar Catering’s Food Truck Takeover: Trattoria al Forno

As we reported last week, Superstar Catering, one of the Disney’s four food trucks based at Downtown Disney’s Exposition Park, was host to their first Food Truck Takeover. On Friday, January 16th through Sunday the 18th, Trattoria al Forno was serving up some of the favorite dishes from the restaurant, located at the BoardWalk Inn.


On the menu was a Beef & Spinach Meatball in a Sourdough Bread Bowl ($12.25), Trattoria al Forno Lasagna ($10.75 – and we’ve tested their recipe at home), and Tiramisu ($6.00). Wine was also available for purchase.



At the restaurant, the meatball is served on top of cannelloni.

trattoria-al-forno-meatball-cannelloni-basil© Disney

I’m not sure why the decision was made to serve it in the bread bowl from the truck, but I would assume that the bread would be easier to control the quality over cannelloni noodles, as well as allowing for faster service. Regardless of the reason, I was happy with the bread bowl.


The meatball was tucked neatly inside the bread, which had a really nice crisp crust to it. The interior was very soft with a nice chew, and a noticeable sourdough flavor. It was a lot of bread in general, though.


The meatball was moist, and I really liked the “green” flavor the spinach added. It helped to lighted what was quite a heavy dish. The portion size could have easily been split between two for a hearty snack, but since I ran over to Downtown Disney on my own, this was a very filling lunch. The sauce left a bit to be desired; it was okay, but seemed rather generic, and more along the lines of what you would find in a Disney counter service meal as opposed to something more “homemade,” which I would think would be used at the brick-and-mortar Trattoria.


You can see some differences from the promo shot and what I received. In the image below, the sauce has a richer color and that thick, “homemade” look to it. I also think the finely shaved Parmesan looks much nicer than the thick-cut mozzarella used.

trattoria-al-forno-food-truck-takeover-meatball-superstar-catering© Disney

For an item being served from the food truck, I thought it was a very good dish. While it was only a temporary 3 day takeover, I would definitely order the dish again should it ever return. I’d also be apt to order the meatball at the actual restaurant on a future visit. It’s definitely on the radar for when that day comes.

Did you have a chance to visit Superstar Catering during the Food Truck Takeover? What did you order? Which restaurant would you like to see for a future Takeover?


2 responses to “Superstar Catering’s Food Truck Takeover: Trattoria al Forno

  1. While I don’t have a specific restaurant I’d like to see at a future takeover, I love the idea that they are doing that! Getting a table at several restaurants can be very difficult and food truck give everyone an opportunity to at least try something from those places!

  2. Great point! I know there are some limits and challenges that a truck has, but there are dishes, as we see here with Trattoria, that work well for a truck or can be tweaked to be truck friendly. 🙂