Superstar Catering’s Slow-cooked Pot Roast Sandwich

When Matt joins me on my expeditions to WDW, his first inquiry is “What’s the plan?” He’s a planner, so it drives him a bit batty when I maybe only have a park or resort in mind and no set plan on where I’m going to eat or what I’m going to do. So on these instances, I come up with some framework of how the excursion is going to shape up. This involved reviewing menus.

One of the foods Matt enjoys is Pot Roast and similar slow-cooked beef dishes, like Boeuf Bourguignon served at France during Food & Wine. While reviewing menus on WDW’s website, his ears perked up when I said there was a Slow-cooked Pot Roast Sandwich at the Superstar Catering Food Truck.


He ordered the sandwich, which comes with House-made Chips, and was a bit surprised to see melted provolone on top. Neither of us really paid any attention to the picture, which shows it indeed has cheese. It just seemed a bit odd to add cheese to pot roast.


The hearty bun held up well to the gravy-laden pot roast, which was pretty much impossible to eat as an actual sandwich. This is definitely a fork and knife meal. While Matt didn’t mind the cheese, he would have been happy without it. I found myself enjoying it. Matt thought the quality of the beef was pretty good and not very fatty, and there was an ample amount of it as well. I’m not crazy about pot roast, but I tasted it and have to say it wasn’t bad. It’s just not something I’d order for myself.


The House-made Chips were thick cut and crunchy, and also had a good amount of salt. They were also pretty good dipped in the pot roast’s gravy.


In all, Matt enjoyed the Slow-cooked Pot Roast Sandwich from the Superstar Catering food truck. He also thought it was a fair amount of food for the price, as he was unable to finish the plate. It’s definitely a filling meal and perfect for the cooler weather. While it might not be something he’d return for the sole purpose of ordering, he would order it again if we happened to be at Exposition Park at Downtown Disney and wanted a quick, no-fuss meal.

Have you tried the Slow-cooked Pot Roast Sandwich? Do you have a favorite from Superstar Catering?


4 responses to “Superstar Catering’s Slow-cooked Pot Roast Sandwich

  1. Man, the housemade chips actually look REALLY good. I’m not even a major chip person.

  2. I love crunchy chips, and these were really good. A bit different than the kettle cooked style you find on property sometimes. More potato-y. 🙂

  3. That looks really good! Even with the cheese!

  4. The cheese wasn’t terrible, but not expected with pot roast. Matt didn’t mind letting me snack on it, so I was happy! 🙂