Earl of Sandwich’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Returns

The Earl giveth, and the Earl taketh away. Cannonballs! is no longer the Limited Time sandwich, and we now have the Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich back on the menu.


The sandwich features Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Banana Peppers and Spicy Jerk Sauce. We’re looking forward to giving this sandwich another try this year, as it made the shortlist of favorites back when we ate every sandwich on the menu in 2013 (over the course of a year, mind you 😉 ).


The sandwich brings some sweetness and a bit of heat. It was a nicely balanced sandwich with some textural contrast thanks to the banana peppers.


Will you be visiting Earl of Sandwich to order Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich?


2 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Returns

  1. I’d give this a try…. but no more Cannonballs?? Ugh!! I need to see if the Earl in my area still has it.

  2. They nixed it with last year’s menu change. It’s not even on the website. 😦