Lunch at The BOATHOUSE


Disney Springs’ newest resident opened last Monday – The BOATHOUSE. The restaurant is described as being upscale, and, based on prices, aims to be that way. The menu (photos later in the post) is slightly different than what’s on Disney’s website. I noticed because one of the items I had been contemplating – the Sirloin Steak Salad – was absent. Also, the Grilled Tacos, which offered a choice of Steak, Fish, or Mushroom, turned into Grilled Flroida Mahi Tacos. Regardless, let’s take a look!


The restaurant boasts several Amphicars, which, for $125, provides you with a captain and up to three guests for a 20 minutes ride around the lake. Personally, that’s a bit steep, but when Matt spotted a tank version, that trip might very well be in our future. How much to mod my Jeep to do this?


The restaurant space is massive, with plenty of interior bar seating. There is also a bar outside, and, in retrospect, I wish we had sat out there. The weather was nice, but I will say the inside bar/restaurant space is LOUD. Music was playing over the sound system, and eventually there was a live musician singing and playing guitar, but we still were constantly having to repeat ourselves when we tried to converse. Of the two TVs we could see where we sat, our viewing options, sans sound, were a soccer match and Univision – the first show featured an infomercial for some blender, and then it was a telenovela.


Matt had one item on his mind when we got there. Coconut Frog Legs. (Sorry, Prince Naveen. Not Sorry.) We’ve been wanting to try frog legs for so long, but we seemingly never see them on the menu anywhere here in Central Florida.


First off, the coconut isn’t overwhelming here. And the meat is – hate to say it –  chicken-like. Actually, it’s very much like gator. Yup. These are like gator wings. I’ll have to pick some up at the farmer’s market and mess around with them at home. We have bought legs in the past, but they ended up getting freezer burn. They were somewhat of an impulse buy since the truck we bought them from was out of gator. There was a gator shortage at the time. Are you still reading?


The Frog Legs are served with an Orange Chili Sauce. This was essentially orange marmalade with likely some cayenne added for a bit of heat. Matt liked it a lot, and I even dipped some of my fries in it.


Speaking of fries, a large portion of Fresh Cut Fries came with my Gibsons “Sandwich King” Burger. Matt and I are curious as to how big of a portion you get when you order them as a $9 side. The photo is deceptive to the amount of them on the plate.


The burger is quite large. It features Crispy Cherry Peppers, Jalapeno Havarti, and Spiced Mayo. It also comes topped with a slice of Tomato, a leaf of Iceberg Lettuce, and a slice of raw Onion. As I tried to eat the burger, I never got a bite of the three latter items, as they slid away from the burger. I ended up removing them.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Spiced Mayo was mayo with Sriracha. Some of it remained on the bun upon the bunny food removal. I was left with the the Fried Cherry Peppers (excellent) and perfectly melted Jalapeno Havarti. I ordered my burger rare, and not only was it cooked properly, the cheese was fully melted. I’ve experienced that to be a rarity, so kudos.


Can we please make fried Cherry Peppers a standard thing? Oh, and here’s my only issue with this juicy burger – the bottom bun was a bit on the soggy side around the edges. But I’d rather have it be soggy than have a dried out burger. The pickle was “meh.”


Matt loved the fries. I thought they could have been a bit fresher, as the temperature wasn’t piping, which is my preference with fries. However, they retained their crispness throughout our meal.


A look toward the Dockside Bar:


And the Marina:


More Marina – It’s truly an impressive space. We enjoyed looking at all of the boats. We would love to grab a beer and seat out there to just relax and enjoy the weather.


The menu:



So what is our overall impression of The BOATHOUSE? We like it. We were talking with a friend who stopped in for drinks at the Dockside Bar, and she and her husband liked it too. We agreed that the food prices are steep, especially for a lunch, but I will say that I’d pay those prices again for what we ordered. Actually, looking at the menu above compared to the website, this appears to be an abbreviated version. It’s missing the “Fish or Cut Bait,” “Green Grass & High Tides,”  “Stem to Stern,” and “Steak Chops & Provisions” sections. WE WEREN’T GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ORDER THE $115.00 STEAK. Is this because we sat at the bar? We can order $100 caviar but not steak? I really hope that their steaks are good, because they have some serious competition with Yachtsman Steakhouse and Shula’s not too far away. And if they’re not even advertising them on the menu we received, nobody is going to order them.

Also, they currently do not take Tables in Wonderland, but they are supposedly in talks to determine whether they will or won’t in the future. And all their beers are bottled – no drafts.

Have you had the chance to make it over to The BOATHOUSE? What did you order? What are your thoughts?


16 responses to “Lunch at The BOATHOUSE

  1. Now I’m mostly just concerned about the gator shortage.

  2. That was a few years back. I was still able to order it at restaurants. Just couldn’t buy it “fresh.”

  3. Say what you will about frog’s legs, the presentation is what’s bothering me. They just dumped them on that plate, no garnish, no plate liner, nothing. Not what I expect from Gibson’s.

  4. I agree – the presentation is lacking with the Frog Legs.

  5. I can’t get past the supposed high end restaurant with bar stools and tiny chairs in the dining room. I understand paying premium prices for premium food but time will tell if they are able to mass produce a quality product with such a large capacity restaurant.

    BTW if you are looking for frog legs and gator somewhat local Lone Cabbage Fish Camp in Cocoa on 520 is known for them.

  6. It is such a large restaurant. Like you said, time will tell. Many high-end restaurants have bars, though sometimes a bit more in the realm of a formal lounge, like Crew’s Cup next to Yachtsman Steakhouse, or the area at Shula’s. Others are a bit more integrated into the lobby, like at Citricos or even Fulton’s Crab House. I think the volume of the music and overall restaurant detracts more from the ambiance of it being “upscale.”

    And thank you for the tip on Lone Cabbage! I’ve driven past it several times and have wanted to stop in!

  7. Cookie Wright

    Looks good, sounds good, but prices are very high. I’m not sure I could really enjoy what I was eating knowing what I was paying. Maybe the steaks are only offered at dinner. Hopefully they will accept TIW and help cut the bill shock a little. Too bad there are no drafts. Someone who shall remain nameless prefers drafts to bottles. We’ll give it a try…sometime.

  8. No beers on draft? Just curious if that’s a soft opening thing or a permanent decision. We are there next week so we will be taking a look. Drinks on the patio looks lovely. But not sure the extended beer drinking clan will be impressed with the bottled beer selection.

  9. Cookie – That was a large amount of food to only offer at dinner, and I believe the menu is supposed to be an “all day” menu. Matt had a soda and I just had water, so TIW would be a nice offering to help cut what ultimately, with tip, hovered around $50 for two lunches.

    Kate – I think it’s permanent. I didn’t see where they would be installed, and, it’s difficult to see, but there are beers on ice in the the center of the bar. Not to say they couldn’t add it in later.

  10. There is a bar menu and a regular all-day menu. The steaks are priced like Yachtsman and are at least as good. I did research for my own article where I could, and a number of items are organic (like the Joyce Farms chicken). It is not a cheap restaurant, but everything we had was excellent, except I would have preferred steak fries. And it would be nice if they added some beers on tap. There are plenty of menu options on both the bar and regular menu, though I think both should be offered in each dining room/bar area.

  11. That’s what I figured about the menu. I didn’t really take notice to it until after the fact. Plus I was really craving a burger. 😉 I’m sure I could have asked for the regular/full menu at the bar. Did you feel that the overall atmosphere warranted the prices? To me, it didn’t feel upscale, like Yachtsman. And I agree with having beer on tap, even if it’s a small selection. I know we’ll return, as the food we ordered was delicious, even if on the pricier end.

  12. Aw shoot! The website menu had the grilled tacos (mushroom selection) and an item called Garden Shells (veggies stuffed pasta) – but this menu doesn’t have either of them =( So both the potential meatless items are gone?

  13. It seems there is a bar menu and a full menu. Since we sat at the bar, we received an abbreviated menu. I recall the tacos from the website, and wanted to try the steak tacos. I was also impressed and interested by the mushroom tacos. I would certainly ask to see if they can still accommodate a veg diet – maybe even bring up what is on the online menu and ask if it’s still an option. It’s such a great space even if you just end up there for drinks. Then head over to Erin McKenna’s for some treats. 😉

  14. @Sarah we’ll definitely will go at least for drinks, the bar areas there look awesome!

  15. The Amphibious “tank”, as you called it, is a Hydratrek 6×6. Here is a link to a look into one of them:

    The Boathouse looks like an intesting place to go look at.

  16. Thank you for the info, Ben! I wish I could mod my Wrangler to do such things. 🙂 The Boathouse is definitely worth a look, even if just grabbing a drink outside. I really enjoyed looking at all of the boats on display. I’m hoping to visit with my uncle, who is an avid boater/fisherman, in a few weeks while he’s here on vacation!