2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Lotus House’s Kung Pao Chicken Bun


Back in March when the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival first started, I made a solo trek to Epcot to try as many kiosks as I could. There were several items I had ordered that I knew Matt would want to try, one of those being the Kung Pao Chicken Bun from Lotus House.

2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Prices Lotus House

I noted when I first tried it that whatever sauce was used to make the chicken “Kung Pao” was on the sweet side, more like Hoisin. Those looking for a spicy kick should utilize the Sriracha, which you can add when you pick up your food. That’s exactly what Matt did.


The Sriracha added the heat we both enjoy and were looking for with this dish. There was plenty of chicken overflowing from the pillowy steamed bun, but the shaved red and chopped green onion wasn’t as plentiful as the first time around. In the grand scheme, however, I don’t think this bothered Matt, as you still got their crunch and flavor. It was a win in his book, and an improved win in mine.


Here it is from when I first ordered it in March. The Sriracha we added definitely adds a pop of color to another wise subdued color palate.



What have you ordered from Lotus House? Do you have a favorite menu item?


4 responses to “2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Lotus House’s Kung Pao Chicken Bun

  1. I just got the candied strawberries for the first time this past trip, and they were amazing! Might have been my favorite thing from the festival.

  2. I had them 2013, I believe. Very interesting contrasts in textures and sweetness between the sugar coating and fruit! The recipe for them is in the cookbook they sold for Food & Wine last year since it also features recipes from Holidays Around the World and Flower & Garden.

  3. Thanks for making me hungry! Now I want to fly down to WDW right now! Then again…when do I ever not want to fly to WDW haha