Breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe


It’s been nearly four years (!) since Matt and I last had breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge. Since then we’ve visited for dinner (and I even have been a second time with family). I think one of the reasons we haven’t visited in so long is because it’s sort of removed from everything – great for theming, but a bit cumbersome going to or from the parks (if you don’t have/want to use a car).

Anyway, Whispering Canyon Cafe is one of the restaurants that likes to have fun. The waitstaff can be a bit snarky with you as part of the shtick, from making joking comments with other Cast Members to throwing down a big handful of straws when your drinks are delivered. Ask for ketchup, and you shall receive. Kids are brought hobby horses to ride around the restaurant. Heck, a CM even had a couple of adults perform. This is where the table’s coaster comes in handy – yes, we watched from the fence.



On our last visit, we both ordered the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Breakfast Skillet. This is really a great value at $16.49, and if you have a big appetite, I definitely recommend it. However, we were both looking for something a little bit different after perusing the online menu the previous night.



Of course, we started with Bloody Marys. These are pretty basic here, likely using the standard Finest Call Bloody Mary Mix. A squeeze of lime and a few dashes of black pepper helped brighten it up a bit. Fortunately, the mix isn’t horseradish-y, which Matt can’t stand, so these were acceptable.


The definitely give you a big piece of celery.



For his entree, Matt ordered the House-made Banana Bread French Toast with Bananas Foster Sauce. It comes with a choice of Bacon or Sausage, and, as you can see, Matt chose the latter. The Nutella-looking stuff in the bowl is the Bananas Foster Sauce.


Before Matt ordered, he asked if the Banana Bread had nuts (that would be a deal-breaker) and it does not. The sausage was pretty standard for Disney (though some places use the skinnier links), but overall he enjoyed his breakfast.


I opted for the Chuck Wagon Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict, which features Poached Eggs on Brioche Bread, Pepper Jam, and Barbecue Hollandaise Sauce served with Western Home Fries. As you can see, it is a sizable breakfast.


The Barbecue Hollandaise Sauce had a very interesting flavor. It seemed more gravy-like than a classic Hollandaise, and there was a sweet, slightly smoky balance to it. Different, but good different, and the flavor paired well with the other elements. I found myself dipping pieces of the toasted brioche – tucked away under everything – is some of the sauce that was on the plate.


My Poached Eggs were overcooked. 😦 Most of the yolk had set, with only a little bit of runny yolk in the very center. This was the case with both eggs. Not the end of the world, but I was looking forward to mixing some of the egg into the pork.


When Matt and I went to dinner, we didn’t realize until after the fact that we never received their Barbecue Pulled Pork with our platters. My only experience with their pork was when I sampled my sister’s Pulled Pork Spring Rolls. This too had that smokiness that I like, and you could see areas of smoke ring as well as some of the crusty outer part of the pork.


The Western Home Fries were okay. They were cooked through, but could have used a bit of crisping up on the outside. They were a little underseasoned to me, but Matt didn’t mind picking at them. 🙂


Overall, we had an enjoyable breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Though there were a few missteps on preparation for some items, the food was very good, especially the items that were well-executed. We’d both order our dishes again, especially if we’re not really in the mood for the Skillet.

Have you visited Whispering Canyon Cafe for breakfast? What is your favorite item to order?


2 responses to “Breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe

  1. YES! I can always count on Matt to fulfill my vicarious food needs.

    Sad about the lack of runny egg. Never set a yolk if you can help it!

  2. The little bit of runny egg was good with the other stuff – I just wanted ALL my yolk that way. 🙂