Breakfast at Las Ventanas


Las Ventanas at Coronado Springs has been open a few months over a year now, but it seems like it has been around longer. I’ve visited for breakfast (shortly after its debut) and lunch (about a year ago), and decided to revisit for breakfast as I had been craving poached eggs.


I started off with a Bloody Mary, and theirs is fairly standard. If the mix was Finest Call, they seemingly added Tabasco to it to kick up the spice a touch. However, I wasn’t coming here seeking a great Bloody Mary – Matt makes those at home. 😉



For my meal, I ordered the Huevos Divorciados: Two Eggs any style – I ordered soft poached – served on a Cheese Quesadilla with Black Beans topped with Fresh Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, and Queso Fresco. The dish also came with Potatoes. I had meant to order a side of the Chorizo Sausage Patty, but it completely skipped my mind.


My two eggs were nicely poached, unlike the ones I had a few weeks back at Whispering Canyon Cafe (perhaps that’s why I’ve been craving them…). I immediately moved them on top of the potatoes before breaking into them, and they were great.


The two salsas were very good, with the Salsa Roja having a nice heat level while being flavorful. The Salsa Verde added some brightness to the Quesadilla. Note that the quesadillas are made with corn tortillas. I think they could have used a bit more browning, but the cheese within was thoroughly melted. The Black Beans were well-prepared as well.


The Potatoes were also on point, and adding the Poached Eggs with a bit of Queso Fresco only made them better.


And the menu:


Overall, the breakfast was one of the best I’ve had on property in a while. It was one of those meals that just hit the spot. The restaurant was pretty empty when I arrived at around 10 am, so accommodating a walk-in was no problem. My only regret is that, when given the option of a two-person table or booth, I selected the former, which was right under a TV that was pumping out techno music. I’d advise against that seat. Otherwise, I highly recommend visiting for breakfast.

Have you dined at Las Ventanas for breakfast? What is your favorite dish there?


2 responses to “Breakfast at Las Ventanas

  1. My boyfriend and I ate breakfast at Las Ventanas the last day of our vacation in fall of 2014. We were looking to use our last table service credit and didn’t have high expectations (or any) since we knew little about the restaurant. We were blown away! We ordered the steak and eggs as well as the chorizo skillet and both were phenomenal. We wound up talking about that breakfast long after we got home. It is a must do if your staying at Coronado Springs!!! Even if you’re not staying there, the steak and eggs may be worth the trip! Excellent service too 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you had a great experience! The resort is a bit out of the way, but as you mentioned, the food and service may be worth the trip! 🙂