The New Starbucks at Animal Kingdom


The new Starbucks in Animal Kingdom opened recently, replacing the former Creature Comforts gift shop. The location offers Starbucks Coffee and Espresso Beverages, Frappuccinos, Breakfast Sandwiches and Pastries, as well as specialty Disney treats. Guests who purchase a Flat White Latte will have a portion of their sale benefit conservation programs to help preserve Cotton-Top Tamarin in Colombia.


creature-comforts-starbucks-interior-panoramaClick for larger

Disney treats include the Milk Tart with Toasted Coconut, which is also featured at restaurants in the new Harambe Market (though it’s called the African Milk Tart there but costs the same). I have yet to order one myself to review, but if you are looking to try it, I highly recommend ordering it here in air-conditioned comfort as opposed to standing in the sun at Harambe Market.


Here, you will also find the Tree of Life Cupcake.


Some Kusafiri favorites are available as well, including the Zebra and Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcakes.



Here’s a look at the menu:

creature-comforts-starbucks-menu-62115Click for larger

The space is large, and I think Disney did a nice job with keeping the theme of the surrounding area. I’m sure I’ll visit often for a Refresher to cool down in the hot park.

What do you think of the new space? Will you be stopping by this Starbucks vacation while visiting Animal Kingdom?


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