Quick Bite: Rainforest Cafe’s Chicken Tenders


While on my way out of a recent trip to Animal Kingdom, I exited through Rainforest Cafe. I made a quick stop for lunch and kept it simple by ordering their Chicken Tenders – golden fried chicken tenders served with your choice of  Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing or BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. I opted for the latter, but it was just served with BBQ (which was fine by me).


When my family used to visit when I was a kid, the chicken tenders, as I recall, had a coconut breading on them. Looking through my menus, this change occurred before I started the blog in 2011. These have a plain breading, which is fine, but the same as you can get anywhere. They were actual white meat chicken tenders, though. Still, they were served piping hot and were what I was in the mood for at the time. Their BBQ sauce was decent as well. Presentation is a bit lackluster, but I suppose it’s a bit nicer than unceremoniously tossed onto the plate.


This appetizer cost $10.99, which is quite pricey for 5 tenders that are on the small side (I know, you’re paying for atmosphere). When I did a menu update for Animal Kingdom a year ago, they cost $11.99 and came with fries. I imagine they nixed the fries and dropped the price instead of keeping them just increasing the price overall. I don’t visit Rainforest Cafe often, with my last experience being at Downtown Disney in 2013 when they opened the Lava Lounge. Still, my food was what I expected, hit the spot, and I had a nice time enjoying the atmosphere.

What do you like to order from Rainforest Cafe? Do you enjoy visiting the bar area as adults, or visit as a family with kids?


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