Breakfast at Sunshine Seasons


When traveling with a large group with kids, it can be tricky to have everyone’s dietary schedules align. It can also be tricky to get fast passes for everyone in your party if you don’t have your accounts linked together. Matt and I found ourselves in this predicament at Epcot, where everyone had breakfast at the hotel, while we had come from home planning to grab a bite at the park. We rope-dropped Soarin’, and while it was then time for the other to visit The Seas with Nemo and Friends, we stayed at Sunshine Seasons for a quick bite. With a limited breakfast menu and a lot of carb-y, sweet things, we decided to split the Breakfast Platter, which we’ve done before, several years ago.


Breakfast can be tricky for us, since Matt rarely eats it, and I prefer savory dishes. The Breakfast Panini has proven a good choice for me before, but it has eggs on it, so Matt won’t eat it. While we typically avoid the Breakfast Platters at WDW simply because they’re a bit on the boring side, on occasion, like this visit, it fit the bill. The sausage was nicely browned but didn’t have any sort of snap to the casing. The bacon seemed slightly thicker than the translucent stuff that’s normally served, and I noticed it was quite a bit saltier and even smokier.


We split the biscuit and Matt ate the French Toast. The biscuit was tender and not too crumbly, and with a bit of butter was pretty good. After the fact, I noted I should have made a little breakfast sandwich with some bacon and eggs. Matt enjoyed the French Toast with a healthy portion of butter, but afterwards relized he forgot to put the syrup cup he grabbed on it. From what I recall when I last had the French Toast, it had a noticeable egg-y flavor. This looks like it did, too.


Finally were the eggs. With a bit of salt and pepper, these were good. They were a bit more well done and not as fluffy as others I’ve had around property, but were perfectly fine for some protein.


Overall, this happened to be a great option considering our situation. We needed to be at The Seas after we finished eating, so a stroll over Les Halles in France wasn’t an option. The food was what we expected and gave us the energy we needed to make it to lunch, and splitting the dish kept us from feeling heavy and lethargic. We’ve done this before, and it’s something we’d happily do again.

Do you visit Sunshine Seasons for breakfast? What do you like to order?


One response to “Breakfast at Sunshine Seasons

  1. I’ve had their breakfast platter once (several years ago) and it’s most definitely huge. Threw about 1/2 of it out because i couldn’t finish. I would have been better off getting something smaller but I was in the mood for savory. All things considered, while not the best I’ve had, it was a pretty good price when you considered you had enough food for two.