Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie’s Tartine aux Fromages


While I’ve been a fan that Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie’s in Epcot’s France pavilion has been open for breakfast for two and a half years now, I’ve never taken advantage of the option (however, I have brought home food which I’ve enjoyed for breakfast the next day). After using up some morning Fastpasses, I made my way to pick out something to eat.


While several items on the menu stood out, I knew I wanted to try something I hadn’t ordered before. I opted for the Tartine aux Fromages: a combination of Country Bread, Tomato Sauce, Swiss, Parmesan, and Goat Cheese. The Cast Member asked if I would like it warmed up, to which I replied, “Yes.” In the past, I’ve had the Pissaladi√®re, which didn’t spend enough time toasting, but the Tartine came out perfectly.


I grabbed my knife, took my dish to a table, spread the goat cheese across the entire piece of bread, and dug in.


It’s amazing how a few relatively simple ingredients make for such a delicious dish. The crisp and hearty bread, the sweetness from the tomato sauce, the saltiness from the Swiss and Parmesan, and the tanginess of the goat cheese really came together. I think I’ll be recreating this one at home.


Here are the menu boards:




With so many options for a savory breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, it’s difficult to pick just one (the Roule Lard & Fromage is also delicious). At $6.75, the Tartine aux Fromages is one of the less expensive sandwiches on the menu, though some may find it pricey for what it is. I will say, however, I felt it was money well spent. I thought it had great, balanced flavor, was satiating, and could even be split between two as a snack. It has definitely made my short list of breakfast ideas at Epcot.

Have you tried the Tartine aux Fromages? Do you have a favorite breakfast go-to at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie?


3 responses to “Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie’s Tartine aux Fromages

  1. We think that the Roule Lard & Fromage is excellent way to start a morning at Epcot (especially if you overindulged the night before).

  2. It’s perfectly salty and fatty for that!

  3. I’ve only tried one savory thing there but the roule sounds evil that that looks yummy for a light meal or shareable snack. In the past I’d always get a chocolate mousse because that was the only place that had a really rich one that always tasted pretty chocolatey (although more rich than airy). I’ll have to try more of their savory things sometime soon.