Snacks from Japan: Calbee Jagabee – Butter Soy Sauce

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion!

It’s been over a year since we paid a visit to World Showcase for our “Snacks from” series. On a recent trip to Mitsukoshi, I spotted a few items I hadn’t seen before, so I picked them up. Today’s Snack from Japan is Calbee’s Jagabee: Butter Soy Sauce Flavor. These “thick, whole cut potato crisps” feature Kikkoman Soy Sauce. While I’ve had several snacks from Calbee, the Jagabee line is one that I’ve not yet tried. A quick Google search shows several online retailers for this product, with several options available on Amazon.


Here’s a look at the nutrition facts and ingredients (you can click for larger). Note that these are NOT vegetarian and use both Tuna Extract and Rendered Beef Fat. Also note that while you can indeed find this product in Japan, this particular bag was manufactured by Calbee North America.


The package weight in at just over 1 1/3 ounces, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual “snack” in the bag. These potatoes are cut like French fries, so they are quite dense. Even just looking at them, you would be hard-pressed to guess these weren’t “real” fries.


These have a really interesting texture, somewhere between a fry and a potato chip. They’re light and have a crunch, but there’s an airy feel to them. And just like real fries, the thinner sticks were a bit crispier. While soy sauce has a distinct flavor, I didn’t really sense it here outside of the salt. I felt these had more of a buttered potato flavor.


Overall, I really liked this snack and would definitely buy them again. I’m interested in seeking out the other unique flavors available in Japan to see how they stand up to their American-made counterpart. If you enjoy salty, potato-based snacks, these are definitely worth a try if you spot them.

Have you ever tried Calbee Jagabee in the Butter Soy Sauce or any other flavors? What did you think of it?


4 responses to “Snacks from Japan: Calbee Jagabee – Butter Soy Sauce

  1. Yummy! Heard it turns mashed potato with some hot water. Hehe.

  2. That’s… interesting lol. I could see that happening with Pringles, too, since they’re essentially made with dehydrated potatoes!

  3. Is the texture kinda like those shrimp flavored “fries” that you can get at the asian grocery stores? I’m probably one of the few people who love rice cakes because it satisfies my crunch obsession without adding a lot of calories and fat to my diet.

  4. These have a bit different texture from those. I recall the shrimp chips to be crunchier throughout.