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2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: American Adventure Coffee Cart

One Epcot Food & Wine Festival item I’ve contemplated ordering is the Shakin’ Jamaican Coffee from the American Adventure Coffee Cart. The coffee drink is served hot or frozen, and is a combination of Joffrey’s coffee, Kahlua, Vanilla and Caramel. Now, here’s the thing with me and coffee: I like the taste, but I don’t drink it. I maybe have it once a year, and if I’m drinking it, I will be drinking it black. And if you see me drinking it, it would be wise to run in the opposite direction.


Sure, I’ve gone to “have a cup of coffee” with friends and hang out back in the college days, and my coffee would be laced with some skim milk and a couple artificial sweeteners. I didn’t mind it. I did mind coffee breath. Oh, how I can’t stand that part, especially when I’m not smelling it on my own breath. Eventually I realized that I could still hang out and instead have a water or soda or anything BUT coffee instead.


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