2014 Food & Wine: Poland

During the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, in the earlier years of my visits, I had often stopped for the Kielbasa and Potato Pierogi. Yes, even though they’re just Mrs. T’s, which I can buy frozen at the supermarket, it was a dish I grew up enjoying at home (well, the pierogies were made from scratch), and for a few bucks I could enjoy the flavors without having to make a huge amount at home. But I haven’t stopped for pierogies since 2010.


The past two years, the menu featured Zapiekanki, a sort of Polish pizza, that was quite good and reasonably priced at $3. This year it is no more, instead replaced by another Mrs. T product: the Sauerkraut Pierogi. It is served alongside Pork Goulash.


Why did I decide to give in this year and order the Sauerkraut Pierogi when I know full well I can buy a whole box for around $3? Curiousity, I suppose. Plus, if I didn’t like the pierogi itself, I didn’t want to have wasted the money on a whole box. Also, I was interested in the Pork Goulash.


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Pumpkin Flavors Come to Downtown Disney

Although it may not feel like it yet, Fall is officially here, and that means all things pumpkin flavored making their way into seemingly everything you can consume. Downtown Disney isn’t immune, so if you enjoy a good pumpkin fix, be sure check out the following places at DTD:

At Ghirardelli, you’ll find Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares, available in September and October.

starbucks-downtown-disney-marketplaceStarbucks at DTD Marketplace

Of course, people go crazy for the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, which has been out since I believe the end of August (!).

starbucks-downtown-disney-west-sideStarbucks at DTD West Side

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2014 Food & Wine: Brazil

I was excited to see this year the expanded menu at the Brazil kiosk for the Food & Wine Festival. Returning was the Crispy Pork Belly, which Matt and I both enjoyed last year.


New items include the Moqueca de Pescado, Pao de Queijo, and Cocada.


Matt was looking forward to ordering the Crispy Pork Belly again, and I think the dish was prepared much better this year. While the elements were essentially the same, featuring Black Beans, Tomato and Cilantro, the pork belly’s execution seemed better. Avocado was also in the mix with the tomatoes last year, but they didn’t make the cut this year.


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2014 Food & Wine: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s kiosk for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is host to a fantastic use of space. With all of the other kiosks set on the sides of the walkways, it feels like a destination. A destination that could use some more tables, but a destination nonetheless. I only was able to try Puerto Rico this past weekend, and little did I know how much I had been missing out!


Disney did a really nice job with the area. The kiosk itself is simple, but it has a nice feel being sectioned off from the main path. It’s a feeling you don’t obtain with kiosks elsewhere in the Festival – Not even in Brazil with it’s little seating area, or Germany for that matter. I think that I would prefer to see less kiosks overall but each with a nice setting. Despite how busy it is, there is a calm and less rushed sense here.



Of course, all of the food sounded delicious, so we tried one of everything!


I was most excited for the Ensalda de Carrucho. Conch Salad isn’t found much on WDW property, if at all. I’m trying to picture menus, but you’re going to find chowder or fritters as its method of delivery.


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Mouse Bites for September 28, 2014

We hope you’re having a great weekend! We’ve had a crazy busy week keeping up with the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and other news from both coasts!

Meanwhile, we’re sad to be losing some phenomal acts at Epcot: Off Kilter, the World Showcase Players (I still have my pin!), Mo’Rockin’ (I love the song Habibi!), and The Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corp. (they always bring a tear to my eye!). We took the time yesterday to ride Maelstrom and watch the movie (which we really do stop for 99% of the time) with friends, and we have FastPasses lined up for next weekend to give our final farewells to the attraction *queue our hearts breaking*. I’m already tearing up just thinking about it!!!

We did miss out on saying goodbye to Backlot Studio Tour and Catastrophe Canyon, but after our last visit on the attraction, it had truly become a shell of its former glory. Terribly sad… But let’s dry our collective eyes, and without further ado, here are our links you’ll want to check out, and will hopefully lift your spirits!

If you’re looking for F&W reviews, we’ve been hooking you up! We have more coverage for you, and have added even more to our photo arsenal since yesterday! Just click the link below the photos for reviews from the kiosks:

2014-food-wine-terra-crabless-crab-cake-pepper-slaw-cajun-remoulade-gardein2014 Food & Wine: Terra

2014-food-wine-hops-and-barley-florida-grass-fed-beef-slider-pimento-cheese2014 Food & Wine: Hops and Barley Market

2014-food-wine-africa-south-african-bobotie-turkey-mushroom-32014 Food & Wine: Africa

2014-food-wine-greece-tzatziki-martini-22014 Food & Wine: Greece

2014-food-wine-france-tartlette-aux-escargots-escargot-tart-garlic-spinach-bacon-parmesan-22014 Food & Wine: France

2014-food-wine-morocco-spicy-shrimp-roll-cilantro-mint-sauce-32014 Food & Wine: Morocco

2014-food-wine-germany-berliner-apricot-jam-32014 Food & Wine: Germany

2014-food-wine-china-beijing-roasted-duck-steamed-bun-hoisin-sauce2014 Food & Wine: China

Looking for WDW Food News? We’ve got you covered!

victoria-falls-mt-kilamaritaVictoria Falls Debuts New Menu

cirque-du-soleil-la-nouba-downtown-disney-dinner-and-a-showLa Nouba Dinner and a Show Package at Downtown Disney

electric-umbrella-electric-umbrella-french-dip-burger-2New Dishes at Two Epcot Quick Service Restaurants

2013-halloween-mickey-ghost-bucketsHalloween Treats at WDW Resort

Are you over at Disneyland Resort? Check out these great eats!

jolly-holiday-bakery-cafe-chocolate-brownieSeasonal Items Join Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe Lineup

IMG_6159More Fall Treats at Disneyland Resort through November 2

contempo-cafe-pumpkin-spiced-cupcakeWhere to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal at Disneyland Resort

<p And of course, we have some great friends out there hitting the streets! Be sure to visit their sites for even more delicious reviews!

uk-cadbury-flakeCadbury Flake

Alexis of Gluten Free in Orlando visits the UK pavilion at Epcot to see what gluten-free treats they offer.

kouzzina-spinach-tomato-and-feta-scrambled-eggsSpinach, Tomato, and Feta Scrambled Eggs

Sarah of Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW enjoys her final breakfast at Kouzzina.

Jenna has a guest post at Running at Disney sharing all the awesome meals she enjoyed during race weekend at Disneyland!

2014-food-wine-fest-farm-fresh-nueskes-pepper-bacon-hash-sweet-corn-potatoes-hollandaise-pickled-jalapenosThe Nueske’s Pepper Bacon Hash – A dish we both adore!

Amanda of Disney Every Day shows off all the awesome items she enjoyed during the Food & Wine Media Preview.

Melissa and Dan of Mouse on the Mind visit Big Top Treats at the Magic Kingdom for some get-the-heck-outta-the-heat snacks.


Adam and Andrew of Disney Hipster Blog are counting down to their visit, and food plays an awesomely huge factor in their plans!

2014-food-wine-hops-and-barley-artisan-cheese-plate-cabot-cloth-wrapped-cheddar-purple-haze-chevre-goat-cheese-cave-man-blue-cheeseArtisan Cheese Plate at Hops and Barley Market

Ryan of Main Street Gazette shares his Food & Wine Top 7, and 6 of 7 are either Gluten-Free or vegetarian!

Scott of Beers and Ears reviews Stella Artois’ Cidre, which Matt and I sampled yesterday. For $3.50 for a 6oz pour (7oz if they fill the cup), we should have just bought the 4 pack at Publix for $8 since we both ordered one, and let’s face it, it’s probably not going to be that terrible that we don’t drink it.

We hope you get through this huge reading assignment before kickoff! ;) Thank you for stopping by and spending part of your Sunday with us. We have so much more on the horizon for you regarding Food & Wine, and we really look forward to covering as much of the “new” stuff as we can very soon. We also look forward to getting back to covering the other restaurants, parks and resorts, as we feel like we’re neglecting them this time of year! Again, thank you for visiting, and we’ll see you tomorrow! :D

2014 Food & Wine: China

I think that China is probably one of Matt’s top kiosks during the Food & Wine Festival, thanks to his love of Chinese food in general. I may have lost count of the number of Mongolian Beef Buns we’ve had over the past few years. :)


This year introduces Roasted Beijing Duck to the menu, which is served in a Steamed Bun with Hoisin Sauce. It’s also the second most expensive dish being served at the kiosks, being beat out by Canada’s “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon, which rings in at $7.25. I also don’t recall seeing duck on any of the past F&W menus before, so we were definitely excited for this dish.


The steamed bun is the same as is used for the Mongolian Beef, so it a light, airy, chewy bun. Nestled inside are thick shreds of rich, tender ducked topped with sweet, salty Hoisin. Some of the pieces of duck had some sweet, crispy caramelization from cooking. There was also thinly sliced red onion and what might be shaved green onion – I don’t think I got a bite of the latter, as this dish was more for Matt. :) It easily made 0ur  must-eat list, and we’ll be back for it again before the Festival ends.


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Where to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal at Disneyland Resort

On Thursday, Nov. 27, restaurants at the Disneyland Resort will be serving an assortment of Thanksgiving feasts. See the information below from the Disney Parks Blog in case you’ll be there for the holiday!


Disneyland Park

Carnation Café – Slow-roasted turkey with turkey Bourbon gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, apple-cranberry stuffing, cranberry-orange relish, veggies, a classic dinner roll, and pumpkin pie.

Plaza Inn – Slow-roasted turkey with gravy and sage dressing, mashed potatoes, veggies and a roll.

Blue Bayou Restaurant – Turkey roulade, truffle-infused chicken giblet stuffing, roasted garlic Boursin mashed potatoes and veggies.

French Market Restaurant – Turkey with Andouille sausage stuffing.

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